Top 9 Coursera Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

Last Updated on July, 2024

A few of the best Coursera alternatives are Codecademy, LinkedIn Learning, Khan Academy, Udemy, and Udacity!

However, how do you decide on a suitable alternative based on your preferences? You can have a checklist of your goals, learnings, budget, and special requirements like unlimited access and free courses and narrow your choices. 

Hence, this guide will help you understand 9 alternatives to Coursera, including their unique features, pros and cons, and more!

Quick Summary

Here’s a quick summary of the best 3 out of 9 from the list of alternatives to Coursera:

  • edX: Famous due to its partnered institutions and the quality of the certifications. 
  • SkillShare: Known for its creative selection of courses and its active community. 
  • Udemy: It offers 10x more courses than Coursera and is known for its professional development courses. 

Why Consider a Coursera Alternative?

When looking for an online course in a specific field for skill development, you are not just limited to Coursera. There are many other alternative online course websites you can check out that empower a large selection of online courses. 

However, if you have any of the below reasons, you can also consider switching to another online learning website:

Drawbacks of Coursera 

There are a couple of drawbacks of Coursera, as listed below:

  • An extensive course catalog makes it difficult to make the right choice (especially for beginners). 
  • Peer grading system.
  • Lack of instructor feedback and support.
  • Expensive subscription plan compared to many websites.
  • It may not be the best platform to start with first-time online learning type users. 

Best 9 Coursera Alternatives 

Here are the best alternative online learning platforms to replace Coursera. 

1. Codecademy

codecademy logo

Are you interested in focusing on a coding-related career? Then, Codeacademy is your go-to online education platform. Its online courses will cover over 14 programming languages and everything you need to start your coding profession. 

Pricing: Codecademy’s Plus package is $14.99 per month or $11.99 billed annually (per month). Also, their Pro package is $19.99 per month or $15.99 billed annually (per month).

What Makes Codecademy A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons why Codecademy is an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • It helps to master if you want to enter a coding-related profession.
  • The courses offered are tailored to everyone’s coding requirements. 
  • Has all levels of classes, from beginners to advanced education. 
  • Offers skill path programs to get started on your coding journey.
  • Includes professional pathway guidance.

Want more information? Read our full Codecademy platform review.


Include courses for all stages, from beginners to advanced individuals’ education journey. 
Teach 14 programming languages such as Javascript, Python, C#, HTML, CSS, Java, and more!
Has solid and active community support.
You can create a portfolio during your learning journey. 
Has a free basic plan with access to some lesions and tasks.


No accredited certifications upon completion.

2. CreativeLive

CreativeLive logo

CreativeLive was founded in 2009 and is known for providing more creative education than other websites. They guide students to learn the necessary skills and focus on business to thrive in the creative industry. 

Pricing: CreativeLive’s pricing is $12 per month or $149 if paid upfront. 

What Makes Creativelive A Coursera Alternative?

  • Has 2000+ classes with 700 qualified instructors. 
  • Include more than 10 million student enrollments. 
  • Focus on developing practical skills essential to the creative industry. 
  • Provide innovative, hands-on experience and more lively classes than Coursera. 
  • Ability to interact with the CreativeLive community.
  • Can take part in live conferences and master sessions. 

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Offer more than 2000+ classes.
World-class creatives, cultural icons, and top-notch instructors offer classes. 
You can download courses for offline learning.
Provide video lectures, master classes, conferences, and livestreams. 
Active CreativeLive community for collaborative online learning.


Does not offer any certifications.

3. Datacamp

Datacamp logo

Datacamp is a fast-moving and growing company across 180+ countries. It covers the data gaps and skills essential to top technology jobs in the industry. 

Pricing: Datacamp’s annual subscription is $224 per year. 

What Makes Datacamp A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons for Datacamp being an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • Has over 9 million users across 180 countries. 
  • Offer 350+ interactive courses under 2000 parent companies. 
  • Covers all the data-related skills and roles such as Data Science, Data analysis, and more. 
  • Provide standard and quality teachings.
  • Have interactive lessons, practical exercises, assignments, and quizzes. 

Think the Datacamp is the right platform for you? See our full Datacamp platform review.


Has 270+ subject experts from renowned institutions such as Google, Anaconda, and Caltech. 
Teach both theory and practical aspects of the subject. 
Interactive lessons and practical exercises. 
Well-structured, organized, and comprehensive course structure. 
It has courses that are free. 


No refund policy.
Offer non-accredited certifications upon completion. 

4. edX

edX logo

edX is an American for-profit platform owned by 2U Company since 2021. They partner with the World’s Top universities to get the top courses on board. They have self-paced, interactive, and even instructor-led classes. 

Pricing: edX-accredited certificate courses are between $50-$300.

What Makes edx A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons why edx is an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • If you want to master humanities and natural sciences, edX offers a more comprehensive list than Coursera.
  • Has more than 100 million student enrollments.
  • Offers 3500+ courses across 30 different subjects.
  • Provide many free courses (doesn’t include any certification).
  • Provide value-accredited certifications. 
  • Has courses between $50 to $300. 
  • Has a structured academic approach.

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Offer plenty of free sessions (you can get a certificate for a small fee).
Partners with the world’s best academies(even institutes holding Nobel prizes).
Includes course materials of audio, visuals, video, and textual teaching styles.
Offer accredited certification. 


Fewer courses compared to Coursera.
Less intuitive user interface.

5. MasterClass

MasterClass logo

MasterClass was launched in 2015 to get the renowned, globally acclaimed icon expertise on board. It is known for the caliber of its lecturers, cinematic production, storytelling, and the development of new skills among professionals. 

Pricing: MasterClass individual subscription is $10 per month, or you can share it with a friend for $15 per month. Also, you can share with 6 family members for $20 per month (every member is billed annually).

What Makes Masterclass A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons for Masterclass being an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • Has 150+ Masterclasses under 11 categories. 
  • Globally acclaimed icons are the course instructors. 
  • Courses include comprehensive knowledge and advanced learning.
  • Affordable online learning website. 
  • Has time-bound, project lead sessions.
  • Ofer no quibble 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • You can use the multi-user option to share and learn with friends and family. 

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It has an extensive online course to choose from. 
Include high production values.
Includes a wide variety of content that is both engaging and fun.
Reasonable cost.
Has multi-user options.
30 days no quibble refund policy.


No certificates upon completion.
There are no free programs.

6. Pluralsight

Pluralsight logo

Aaron Skonnard and some tech professionals founded Pluralsight in 2004. If you need to gain practical tech training and develop your skills, this is your go-to platform!

Pricing: Pluralsight standard pricing is $29 a month or $299 billed upfront per year, and the premium subscription is $45 per month or $499 billed upfront per year. 

What Makes Pluralsight A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons why Pluralsight is an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • Offer 7000+ on-demand and applicable tech courses. 
  • Targets the new skills essential for future job roles and current demand. 
  • Has skill and role IQ assessments for free.
  • Focus on providing quality tech training and learning for students. 
  • Include 1400+ experts.

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Includes a wide range of tech courses.
Subject matter experts and highly qualified lecturers. 
Give additional learning support, such as pathways and lab assistance. 
Has free role and skill assessments. 
Ability to learn the courses at their own pace offline. 
Has a 10-day or 200-minute free trial. 


Include only tech subjects, including computer programming, IT operations, cybersecurity, DevOps, software development, and more!
Lack of free course scope.

7. Skillshare

Skillshare logo

Skillshare is another online learning platform in the United States. It is a place known to develop your skills and creativity and be the master of your expertise. 

Pricing: Skillshare’s monthly package costs $32 per month, and the annual plan costs $168 billed annually ($14 per month).

What Makes Skillshare A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons why Skillshare is an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • Offers a 40,000+ comprehensive list of courses.
  • Has more than 13 million active users.
  • Includes courses in both creative and professional areas. 
  • Ability to engage with other participants and have an active community (you can seek help). 
  • It is possible to upload your work, check out others’ work, and comment on others’ work too. 
  • An excellent interactive platform.

Read our full Skillshare platform review.


Has an active community to keep the learners motivated. 
Curated learning structure.
Classes include both theory and practical sessions. 
Offers discounts for Canva, Adobe, Freshbooks, and more areas. 
Has a comprehensive class review system.
Gives a 7-day free trial to explore the platform.


The courses are only audited after publishing, and the course quality cannot be assured. 
Does not provide certification.

8. Udemy

Udemy logo

Udemy was launched in 2009 and is one of the most significant Ed Tech companies in this field. It partners with many qualified instructors and contributors worldwide to give the best courses for students.

Pricing: Per Udemy course costs between $12 to $199, or you can purchase a Personal Udemy Plan for $20 monthly. 

What Makes Udemy A Coursera Alternative?

The following are reasons for Udemy being an excellent alternative to Coursera:

  • Has 64 million+ happy users.
  • Offers 210,000+ courses (more than Coursera) under 13 categories suiting various requirements and expertise. 
  • Offer personal development, fun-type courses, career development, and professional courses. 
  • Reasonable pricing plans include purchasing individual courses for about $12 to $199 or enrolling in a monthly subscription of $20. 

Does this sound like the right platform for you? Check out our full Udemy platform review.


Well-experienced instructors.
Has a high profile of contributors.
Proper auditing of lecturers and courses on the platform before publishing.
Various ranges of courses based on expertise and requirements.
Availability of 500+ free courses.
Reasonable prices.
Offer seasonal promotions and deals.


Differences in the course quality.
Course certificates are not accredited (by any institution or university).

9. Udacity

Udacity logo

Udacity is a reputed platform launched in 2011. It has partnered with worldwide organizations, including Amazon and Google. 

Pricing: Udacity’s monthly installment is about $399, or you can pay upfront to claim a discount.

What Makes Udacity A Coursera Alternative?

  • It offers many free courses and provides 170,000+ nanodegrees.
  • Has over 14 million users. 
  • Has experienced tutors providing the best course materials. 
  • There is a 3- to 4-month program mastering broad areas. 
  • Helps with professional pathway guidance. 
  • Get a certificate upon course completion.


Experienced and talented lecturers and quality content.
It has an extensive course list, including computer science and business-related fields. 
You can receive a certificate of completion upon completing a specific course.
Provide profession-oriented services for proper guidance to set your professional pathway.


Non-accredited certificates.
Courses are expensive compared to Coursera.

About Coursera?

Coursera logo

Coursera was initiated in 2012 by two Stanford professors. Their primary mission was to provide universal access to world-class learning. 

However, after seven years of continuous progress and consistent work, it achieved unicorn status, an evaluation of $1 billion. 

Currently, Coursera has more than 92+ registered users. It has over 9000+ courses, including degree programs. Meanwhile, it has partnered with 250+ leading universities and educators worldwide.

Here’s our comprehensive review of Coursera of you’re re-considering this platform. Or take a look into the best courses of Coursera platform.


Instructors are Nobel prize winners, have experienced qualities, are top authors, work in leading institutes, and are leaders in their fields.
You can check out free content under the ‘Audit’ option. 
Well-organized and structured content.
Has an extensive list of courses in many subject areas. 
Ability to learn offline.


It is less suitable for creatives and hobbyists as it mainly focuses on professional training. 
Expensive pricing structure.
Lack of free content.
Fewer courses in subjects like data science and humanities. 

What to Consider in a Coursera Alternative?

The following are the best options to consider if you are looking to replace Coursera:

  • The Type Of Course You Require: Since online platforms provide a wide range of courses, narrow down your choices to find the best one. 
  • Find Your Goal: Your goal may vary from getting a certification, upgrading your skill, getting a job, making a portfolio, or getting a university degree. Find your goal to get the right course. 
  • Type Of Content Offered: Your preference may vary between texts, visuals, live classes, or video lectures. Find your understanding style and courses that make it flow with your individuality. 
  • Additional Support: When you learn online, you need extra support from the community, one-on-one mentoring, peer study groups, tech support, unlimited access, or any other. Find whether the platform you picked offers the support you need. 
  • Pricing Plans: If you have a budget, find courses aligning with your budget and the above-discussed factors. 

Final Thoughts

Considering every aspect, the above list of alternatives to Coursera is hand-picked. Each website has a unique feature mastering in its field. 

For example, Udacity is known for nano degrees, CreativeLive is best for creative subjects, and Pluralsight is known for quality tech training. 

Most of these websites have the assistance of professionals, standard study material, videos, assignments, and more! 

Therefore, choosing the correct alternative and course can help you advance your professional life to the next level.

We hope this guide was helpful for you to find the BEST alternative platform to Coursera!


Yes, alternatives to Coursera include Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning, DataCamp, and Udacity.

Coursera is no longer free due to the high costs associated with converting videos, quizzes, and grading assignments.

The best platform between edX and Coursera depends on individual needs. edX is considered superior for its Ivy League university courses, highly regarded in the business community.

Coursera is considered better than Udemy due to its accredited certificates and consistent teaching quality and course content.

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