Codecademy Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Good Any?

Last Updated on July, 2024

If you came across Codecademy looking for someplace to learn code from, it’s good that you’re going in the right direction. 

But even better, I will answer all your questions regarding this Online Course Website. 

The Computer Science world is massive. The sooner one gets updated, the better. Platforms like Codecademy allow people to update their careers anytime they want. But there are still things to consider before starting. 

Codecademy has a wide range of free courses, and it’s convenient for people of all classes to access. At the same time, you have to pay for certain things on this platform. 

 Overall: 4.8/5
codeacademy platform logo
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Wide Range of Courses
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Learning Paths
  • Projects and Quizzes
  • Access to forums and community channels
  • Mobile App
Brand Information
  • Codecademy was founded in 2011
  • Founded by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski
  • Their mission is to democratize education through accessible, engaging, and interactive coding lessons
  • Millions of learners globally
  • Significant contributions to tech education accessibility
Product Benefits
  • Lessons are easy to understand
  • Interactive exercises provide real-world experience
  • Learn at your own pace, with no deadlines
  • Upgrade to Pro for more resources
  • Free to start learning

About Codecademy 


Codecademy is not very different from an online school. Only it is better in a way that it doesn’t cost you anything to start. Codecademy offers multiple courses, including machine learning, programming languages, and web development.

These lectures allow you to be the best in the market of real-world projects. Codecademy offers courses that are good for your career paths and will enable you to have a learning curve over other candidates. 

So what’s the catch in all of this for them? How can such high-quality courses be for free? This online learning platform allows you to take lectures for free in the Basic Plan.

Is Codecademy the Best Option for You?

What outcome do you desire from taking an online course in a programming language? 

a screenshot of the codeacademy homepage

Is it simply to learn coding skills and create cringe apps to do silly hobbies? Sure, Codecademy is PERFECT for learning programming languages. But if you want to change your skill path rather than just develop new skills.

Get a Pro Subscription. 

Software development and Web Design are the most desirable career paths that can rightfully convince anyone of a career change. If you’re here for a Codecademy review, read on.

You can set your code foundations as the platform is very beginner-friendly, but to write code professionally, even if you consider Codecademy good, consider it one of the resources. Not your ONLY resource. 

You can reach a professional level with the Basic Plan, but you must use Codecademy forums to connect with skilled developers. This will allow you to overcome problems in real-world projects, too. 

Codecademy is also the best option for you if you are someone who learns from interactive lessons and not just lectures. This is a handy feature that made me love Codecademy.

How to Determine What Free Courses to Choose?

a screenshot of the codeacademy course catalog

Ask yourself what you want to be. This is a question you should never be ashamed of asking yourself, even if you’re not 12 anymore.

Codecademy offers many courses. From Mobile development to Game Development, learning code is the sole purpose of this platform. 

  • Programming Languages 
  • Web Development 
  • Data Science 
  • Computer Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Backend Development 
  • Front-End Development 
  • APIs and Microservices
  • Cybersecurity 
  • AI And NLP
  • Game Development

One way is to take a short quiz to know your skill levels and learning abilities. This will allow you to assess before you go for paid plans. The quiz will tell you if you have a programming personality. 

Or if it is your 3 AM flash of Motivation. If you’re sure you want to explore the options, then you are on the right Codecademy Review to discover them. 

Codecademy Prices and Plans

a screenshot of the codeacademy pricing plans

Free Content is still there. However, the possibility of getting more than just learning is available in paid versions. To make it simpler for you, here’s a breakdown:

Codecademy Basic Free


  • Basic Access To Free Courses
  • Community Support
  • Limited Practise on Mobile App
  • Documents, Videos, and CheatSheets for Learning 

Codecademy Plus

$14.99/mo (billed annually) $29.99/mo (billed monthly) 

Includes everything in the Basic Plan and:

  • All Courses
  • Quizzes
  • Personalised Practises
  • Skill Paths
  • Real-World Projects
  • Certificates
  • Priority Customer Support

Codecademy Pro

$19.99/mo(billed annually) $39.99/mo (billed monthly)

Includes everything in the Plus Plan and:

  • Career Paths
  • Professional Certificates
  • Technical Interview Prep
  • Career Services
  • Code Challenges
  • Assessments 

Considering these details, you can decide which level of learning you need to be on. You can start with basic and make something out of it, or you need a Plus or Pro to make things happen. 

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What Courses Are Most Popular on Codecademy?

Because Codecademy offers many courses, many people learn about it, from complete beginners to professional developers. Some courses have gained popularity.

a screenshot of a set of popular courses available on codeacademy

When you go to Codecademy, you can explore all sorts of lessons, but you will see the most popular courses among their learners on the main page.

These categories include:

  • AI
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
  • SQL
  • Cyber Security 

To briefly explain what courses are popular in these categories, I explored them so I can start one soon. Here’s my take on some of them:

Intro to ChatGPT

a screenshot of the codeacademy intro to chatgpt popular course

Free AI courses on Codecademy are for you if you’re a beginner. Since this technology has recently entered the market, everyone wants to catch up. I found Intro to ChatGPT to be the most beginner-friendly yet complete.

The Intro To ChatGPT course is just an hour long. It has seven lessons to teach you an introduction to this technology and to use it in business. For a perpetual learner like me, it’s a heavenly place to start, especially when most lessons come with quizzes, too.

Learn JavaScript

a screenshot of the codeacademy learn javascript popular course

Courses like these make Codecademy worth it. The Lessons are broken into 15 hours. These courses also make your portfolio stand out among others with solid foundations before moving on to the complex levels. 

The course is divided into 11 lessons and 12 projects to add all the basics and challenging topics. 

Understandably, to learn JavaScript or even code yourself, you must take more than just a free trial. Codecademy Pro gives you professional certifications for this course as well. But you can start it at just $34/mo and take more advanced courses afterward. 

Build a Website With HTML, CSS, and GitHub Pages

a screenshot of the codeacademy build a website with HTML,CSS, and Github Pages popular course

This course includes responsive design, CSS, HTML, CSS transitions, Flexbox, and GitHub Pages. So, you can start building and designing websites with CSS with this course. 

You can learn to use GitHub Pages to host your websites. This course lasts around 10 weeks, and by the end of it, you will be well-equipped to create a fully functional website. 

This course is divided into 9 units, 18 lessons, and 15 projects for practice. All the basics are covered, and there’s no better place to start. 

Learn Data Science

a screenshot of the learn data science course section in codeacademy

Data science is undoubtedly the most promising career in this internet-based world. On Codecademy, I found the most detailed course available.

Learn Data Science course is 90 hours long. It consists of 27 units, 81 lessons, and 59 projects. It is detailed enough to give the whole idea of this career path and just enough to be completed in a month. 

You can start this course with one of the Monthly Subscriptions mentioned above and learn the basics, from principles of data literacy and Python fundamentals to Machine Learning specialty, deep learning, and Neural Networks.

Choose From Free Courses and Start for Free

Free Trial may not give you a career, but it is where your career may start. 

Starting for free will also get you to explore what kind of field you want to invest in. From my experience, I started with a Cybersecurity For Business Course. 

But after barely half an hour, I realized I should’ve started with the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity.

With a free start, you can also get peer support from other students from the community support. Even though you will also find plenty of support from a Facebook group you may find with IT students. 

Codecademy for Business

a screenshot of the codeacademy business subscription plan

For business owners, Codecademy Teams gives an annual subscription of $299 per person billed annually. 

Your team is learning and working together to learn to code, where YOU can also give immediate feedback. This kind of team building could change your business. 

Codecademy works differently than regular Codecademy Pro for individuals. There are joint projects and workspaces.

They give you 5+ seats to get as much of your team into the project as possible. Your employees can even get professional certifications for finishing these projects.

If you’re having trouble with having all of your team on the same skill level, this would solve problems like that. And you can even contact Codecademy to get a custom price. 

What Makes Codecademy Better?

That is a million-dollar question.

Although there are plenty of Codecademy alternatives, there are still things that make this elearning platform better than others. Despite depending on your learning goals, Codecademy gives you as much learning as you can digest. 

Remember, though, these platforms will only hold your finger once you reach the finish line. 

But still, here are some things that I felt made Codecademy better for me than other online platforms I had been exploring. 

Free Programming Language

I searched the internet for a place that would offer free lessons for coding. I didn’t find any. The free ones had so many limitations that the purpose of learning was taken away. 

Codecademy is one of the best platforms in this regard. 

You get to start with the simplest signing-up method. No card details or anything. You ONLY give your email address and start immediately. 

This ease of access also urged me to write this review. I’d love for more people to find out about this website where they can upscale their skills and get better jobs. 

For Absolute Beginners to Computer Science Experts Alike

Even if you can write your code or create your data structures, Codecademy Pros allows Computer Experts to re-evaluate their skill level and develop more. 

If you’re an Expert, get a pro account and check out a course above your skill level. You can never learn too much. 

No, this is not a suggestion to become a jack of all trades and master of none. 

As per your needs, you can opt for a language course you’ve not tried before. You can access members-only content like interview prep by getting the pro-Codecademy and taking a step further in your career. 

Codecademy Community 

a screenshot of the codeacademy community page

It takes a village to raise a kid. 

Consider this new learning path a sapling in your brain. An idea that you want to grow and use for something good in your life. It can bring change in your professional life or even personal life. 

You will need the community to answer your ridiculous questions because that’s the whole purpose of a community. Codecademy doesn’t restrict access to the community to only paid users; I think that is something special.

Codecademy vs Competition

udemy learning platform logo
coursera learning platform logo
udacity logo

Codecademy vs Udemy

Udemy courses are top-notch as well. They are a powerful competitor of Codecademy. Although Udemy offers courses in many more fields of education, Codecademy still beats it in various programming languages.

If you want a detailed comparison between Codecademy vs Udemy, checkout this article.

Codecademy vs Coursera

Though Coursera is also an excellent resource for learning, it is more pricey. It gives you flexible timetables, while Codecademy allows you to watch videos whenever you want, so there are no winners. 

But when it comes to the total number of courses offered, Coursera has a lot more than Codecademy. 

Codecademy vs Udacity

Udacity is another platform that offers different courses. It is not as popular as Codecademy in terms of programming language courses. It also does not give accredited certificates like Codecademy.

It does have one feature of offering lessons in 25 languages that Codecademy doesn’t. If you’re not fluent in English, you can check this option. 

Is Codecademy Worth it?

Have you ever enrolled in a Java course only to discover it wasn’t for you? This led you to try the Data Visualization course to learn more about data science and its tools.

But let’s say that also didn’t work as much as you thought, and you became a freelance writer. But now, it is your source of income, and you didn’t pay a single penny to explore your options. 

So you tell me, a platform that lets you learn or decide that despite these tech fields being so popular, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. 

But at least you tried… For Free. 

Yes, to me, that makes Codecademy worth trying, at least. 

Customer’s Testimonials

You must not only trust my words but also take the word of more people who have used Codecademy. So, I checked around and added a couple of user reviews:

What do you like best about Codecademy? It has various different courses for different level of the user. Unlike other platforms it has specific course and not bundled with the bunch of useless courses.
What do you dislike about Codecademy? Pricing for the student is quit high for those comming from the below middle class or middle class.

Most of the reviews, like this one from G2, were pretty positive, but the concerns about being pricey for students were familiar. 

Excellent customer service
A mistake was made on my end and they fixed it with no questions and I was refunded.

Codecademy’s customer service is excellent, and this review sums it up.

Pros and Cons of Signing Up for a Codecademy Course

Even though I’ve been singing praises for Codecademy, I won’t sell you empty dreams. Here are the Pros (probably already mentioned above) and Cons (Being Real with y’all is a part of my job).


All Lessons are easy to digest and explained enough to help you understand the concepts. 
It gives you interactive exercises with real-world experience to clear further confusion. 
The content is self-paced. Meaning if you have time on your hands, you can watch the entire thing in a day, or if you don’t, you can stretch it out to weeks. There’s no deadline.
If you want to access more resources, you can get a Pro Subscription. 
No payment required to start learning.


Offers Lessons in only one Language (English).
If you get stuck on a concept, your only option is to get off the web and ask a real-life programmer or in the community. 
When there are 300+ course options, the quality can be inconsistent for some the lessons. 
No Live lectures or live interactions with instructors, which would be a help to a lot of new learners. 

Choose what you may want. If you go for online learning, there will always be challenges. 

Other Online Learning Platforms we’ve compared with Codecademy & other reviews:


Yes, they are valuable if you have mastered the skill and practiced it. Additionally, having a strong portfolio and skill set will help you obtain better job opportunities than simply having a certificate.

Yes, Codecademy is better because it offers a more structured approach and a wider variety of programming languages compared to FreeCodeCamp.

Yes, Codecademy is recognized as an accredited platform that provides enough knowledge to become an expert in your field.

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, consider signing up for a course with Codecademy. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a new direction in life, exploring the fields offered by Codecademy might be the right choice for you.

The outcome you achieve will largely depend on the level of commitment you’re able to dedicate to your learning journey. 

You probably won’t see a lot of testimonies of people getting jobs from doing Codecademy courses on Codecademy, but at the same time, it’s not impossible to achieve that. 

Maybe this platform is where you start and eventually find yourself Pro enough to get an actual job. It all depends on YOUR dedication. Happy Coding!

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Overall Score


visa master amex paypal
All Lessons are easy to digest and explained enough to help you understand the concepts. 
It gives you interactive exercises with real-world experience to clear further confusion. 
The content is self-paced.
If you want to access more resources, you can get a Pro Subscription. 
No payment required to start learning.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Offers Lessons in only one Language (English).
If you get stuck on a concept, your only option is to get off the web and ask a real-life programmer or in the community. 

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