10 Best Speed Reading Courses (2024 Updated Reviews)

Last Updated on July, 2024

GUESS WHAT? Absorbing information quickly is a valuable skill. But you cannot develop a skill overnight.

You need to practice building your memory skills and becoming a speed reader. Speed reading courses offer a solution promising to enhance your reading speed and comprehension. 

That’s why I’ll be covering the BEST online speed reading course(s) from platforms like Mindvalley, Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

From the neuro-stimulation methods of Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Course to Silviu Marisca’s Skillshare masterclass on reading 1000 words per minute, each speed reading course is dissected, highlighting pros, cons, and pricing details.

I’ll also be discussing the key considerations for choosing the right course, such as instructor experience and skill development.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, this piece will help you with the information needed to select the ideal online speed reading course.

Here are the 10 BEST speed reading courses I’ve shortlisted:

  • Super Reading Course
  • Increase Reading Cognition With Actively Learn
  • Become A SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory
  • Read BETTER FASTER: Triple Your Speed Reading In Just 7 Days
  • 10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster
  • Speed Reading MACHINE: 3.1: How To Read 307 Books In 2021
  • Kwik Speed Reading Course
  • Speed Reading Masterclass – How To Read Faster?
  • RocketReader
  • Legentas Online Speed Reading Course

TRUST ME. Following speed reading online courses will help you face standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, and SAT with confidence as a better reader.

About Speed Reading Courses

Online speed reading courses help you read faster and understand better to become a speed reader. They teach tricks like quickly looking over text and grouping terms.

These courses also help you stop saying words in your head while reading, which can make you slow.

They have exercises to improve your eyes and widen your vision. These courses give you ways to pick out important information quickly. They aim to make you read faster and maintain your understanding. 

If you’re a student with lots of books or someone who needs to read quickly at work, these courses can save you time. Find the best speed reading course that gives clear lessons and feedback and lets you learn in a way that works for you.

10 Best Speed Reading Courses

1. Super Reading Course

a screenshot of the Super Reading Course from Mindvalley

Platform: Mindvalley

Instructor: Jim Kwik

Course Length: 5.8 Hours Training

Mindvalley Super Reading is a popular speed reading class. This best speed reading course aims to help people improve their reading talents and skills. Jim Kwik, the instructor, uses neuro-stimulation methods to unteach restrictive reading habits. 

The course is divided into three modules. First, you learn the foundations of speed reading, followed by scientific methods for accelerating reading speed, and then advanced cognition tricks. 

Jim Kwik believes that reading at high speeds while understanding the content is crucial for personal growth. 

Throughout the course, he guides you through UNIQUE and groundbreaking strategies, with follow-up lessons on how to apply these methods for visible results. 

The goal is to combine neuro-stimulation methods with proven memory retention methods for quick reading improvement, making it a great choice for professionals. 

To access this course, you can choose a monthly subscription at $49 or an annual subscription at $499, which gives you access to all Mindvalley courses. This speed reading course is highly rated at six stars. 

Note: For more details, you can view the best speed reading course and try a free masterclass on speed reading techniques on the Mindvalley website

A Customer Review (From Mindvalley Website): “In just 21 days, my reading speed increased from 198 to 535 wpm with this program. Initially facing ups and downs, I conquered technical reading with 75% cognition.  Now, having completed 2.5 books, I’ve found pride and accomplishment. Jim’s productivity techniques transformed not only my reading but my entire life.  I’m committed to continuous improvement, reducing TV time, and doubling my reading speed to 535 wpm.” – Silvia Marucci, Manager in Panama City.

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Offer practical exercise which would help you read 4 times faster (for reading comprehension) 
Can learn from industry experts
FREE online one hour masterclass


Advice can be repetitious at times

2. Increase Reading Comprehension With Actively Learn

a screenshot of the Increase Reading Comprehension With Actively Learn course from Coursera

Platform: Coursera

Instructor: Rachel Lindsay

Course Length: 1 Hour

In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively use Actively Learn to enhance your teaching with nonfiction texts for students in elementary or secondary classes. The platform offers a variety of Science, Social Studies, and other texts aligned with your curriculum. 

Actively Learn helps students improve comprehension and reading stamina through interactive engagement with each text. As a teacher, you’ll benefit from the evidence gathered on your students’ skill growth.

To get started, ensure you have a Google or Microsoft account for Flipgrid access. The course, delivered through desktop devices, consists of step-by-step video lessons. 

You’ll learn how to initiate Actively Learn, create a class, integrate with Google Classroom, discover and assign relevant reading content, and adapt learning materials to suit your class.

This best speed reading course also covers utilizing the gradebook and professional learning aspects.

The learning experience is practical, with hands-on skill development guided by experts through pre-recorded videos. There’s no need for downloads or installations, as everything is accessible in a pre-configured cloud workspace. 

Remember, this FREE speed reading course is designed for desktop or laptop use with a good internet connection, not for mobile devices. Join to empower yourself in utilizing Actively Learn for your student’s success.

A Customer Review (From Coursera Website): “A Quick course to jump start you to use an excellent tool for reading comprehension.” – AP.

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Practical tasks for skill development
Learn from experts via easy-to-follow videos
Enhance reading talents, skills and comprehension in one course


Designed for computers, not mobile devices
Reliability on internet access may limit availability

3. Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

a screenshot of the Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory course from Udemy

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Jonathan Levi, Lev Goldentouch, and Anna Goldentouch

Course Length: 5 Hours

In this course, you’ll learn to read three times faster than the average college graduate while maintaining excellent cognition and retention. 

They focus on mastering skills used by world memorization winners, enabling you to memorize vast amounts of information effectively. Proficiency in reading English is necessary, and a willingness to break old habits and strive for success is key.

The updated version of this best speed reading course builds on the success of its predecessor, having over 50,000+ satisfied students. 

This course goes beyond typical speed-reading, focusing on cognitive and neurological factors that enhance learning.

Key skills include:

  • High-comprehension speed-reading.
  • Memory tricks for quick and accurate recall.
  • Building a mental foundation for long-term information retention. 

This SuperLearning course is not just about academic pursuits; it’s a life-changing experience applicable to daily tasks, such as learning new skills and languages.

The comprehensive curriculum, spanning 7-9 weeks with 2 to 3 hours of weekly practice, includes engaging lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive worksheets. 

Priced at $11.36 with a 30-day money-back guarantee, this course offers a shortcut to accelerated learning and guaranteed success. 

A Customer Review (From Udemy Website): “Excellent course; while I have been struggling to remember what I learned, this is particularly hard when I try to get a certification that requires that I remember the right definition and not be fooled by things that may look similar.  This course helped me a lot with great tools like Anki to increase my memory retention and helped me with super reading.” – Octavio M.

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Can read three times faster with strong comprehension
Skills extend beyond academic learning to practical applications in daily life
Additional materials to assist with the course


Contains ads for content by Levi outside of Udemy
Primary materials are in English, limiting accessibility for non-English speakers

4. Read BETTER FASTER: Triple Your Speed Reading In Just 7 Days

a screenshot of the Read BETTER FASTER: Triple Your Speed Reading In Just 7 Days course from Skillshare

Platform: Skillshare

Instructor: Silviu Marisca

Course Length: 3 Hours 7 Minutes

The ‘Read Better and Faster Masterclass’ is to master the art of fast reading. This course is for slow readers who want to read super fast.

In this course, you can discover effective strategies to boost your reading speed to an impressive 1,000 terms per minute, placing you among the 1% of elite readers. Divided into three parts, the course begins with an introduction that teaches you how to calculate and enhance your reading speed. 

The second module focuses on direct techniques to increase your fast reading. From reducing eye fixations to reading in word groups and minimizing vocalization, you’ll learn practical methods to read quickly in various situations.

The final module reveals key strategies for improving memory, comprehension, retention, and overall reading efficiency for super reading.

This is ideal for students, job seekers, college students, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, and this masterclass provides a comprehensive blueprint to simplify your workload by enhancing speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. 

With over 2 hours of training, you can learn at your own pace, making it accessible and beneficial for those eager to learn at least three times faster. 

No prerequisites are required – watch, learn, and implement for a transformative reading experience.

A Customer Review (From Skillshare Website): “Loved it. This is exactly the course I needed on speed reading. There are actionable exercises as well as clear explanations of what bad habits are and why one should change them.  The part about active reading is a bit less relevant if you are not a student, but interesting anyway.” – Riccardo Ferrari.

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Uses practical techniques for various situations (e.g., to figure out one’s bad habits and to overcome them)
Emphasize on comprehension, retention, and efficiency
Can learn to Boost Reading Speed to 1,000 words/minute


Focus primarily on speed, may sacrifice depth
Lack of interactivity or live Q&A sessions

5. 10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster

a screenshot of the 10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster course from Udemy

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Silviu Marisk

Course Length: 14 Hours 4 Minutes

This is the highest-rated speed reading class support for memory improvement on Udemy, having over 7,954 reviews and a stellar 4.6-star rating from 73,200+ premium students.

Designed to elevate your learning experience, it offers practical techniques and valuable content, continuously updated since its launch.

This comprehensive course aims to enhance reading speed, memory, and learning, saving valuable reading time. As highlighted by Kyile, a student, it simplifies university students and provides new ways to enhance learning. 

The course covers speed reading, note taking (taking better notes), memory improvement, dispelling myths, and instilling the right mindset for effective learning. Techniques include mind-mapping, summarizing, and special memorization methods.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you’re supported throughout the learning journey.

A Customer Review (From Udemy Website): “So far, I have been given resources in module 1 to use as exercise and self-assessment for the next sets of modules.  The visuals in the video were also a huge necessity for people who are visual learners, which is a lot more people than auditory and kinesthetic tactile learners. I hope to see more visuals in future modules!” – Bryan G.

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Frequent content updates
Covers best speed reading, memory improvement, and effective learning strategies in one course
Suitable for a range of learners, including students, professionals, and those seeking personal development


Long course potentially requiring a significant commitment
Lack of visuals in later modules

6. Speed Reading MACHINE 3.1: How To Read 307 Books In 2023

a screenshot of the Speed Reading MACHINE 3.1: How To Read 307 Books In 2023 course from Udemy

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Silviu Marisk

Course Length: 4 Hours 28 Minutes

This best speed reading course is also by Silviu Marisk. In this course, Marisk focuses on teaching speed reading for books and shows how you can use this skill to read hundreds of books in a year.

In the course, you’ll learn the two core principles of speed reading, how to adopt the speed reading mindset by developing memory skills, self-motivation techniques to read, memory strategies to enhance your reading, and improving your comprehension rate.

This course is perfect for bookworms who want to find time to read more. If you need more time to read and wish to read more books, this course is designed for you.

Plus, the elements of the course that teach about the speed reading mindset can benefit you in your work life, setting you up for success.

Furthermore, even though the course is more focused on hobby readers, those aiming to advance in their career through a speed reading course will also gain valuable tips. The course provides many insights into getting into the right mindset for speed reading.

A Customer Review (From Udemy Website): “Hello! I bought the course because there are so many books in my library waiting to be read. I want to express my wonderful impressions of the course so far. I learned so many new concepts, techniques, and strategies about reading as a process.  Lecturer Silviu Marisk conveys the material with understanding, concisely, precisely, and clearly, without unnecessary words. I am impressed and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to develop. Thank you Silviu Marisk!” – Ivelina A.

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Instructions from a speed reading expert
Engaging course content
Well illustrated with strong examples 


Occasional repetitiveness in the content 
Strong focus on book reading (may vary preferences)

7. RocketReader

a screenshot of the RocketReader course from RocketReader

Platform: RocketReader

Instructor: N/A

Course Length: N/A

RocketReader offers a personalized approach to speed reading, designing the best online courses based on your current reading level. It is suitable for various users, including students and professionals, and it’s even marketed as child-friendly. 

The main focus is on improving comprehension by teaching how to manage large amounts of information. The training involves subvocalization and on-screen exercises, but it doesn’t heavily emphasize eye training exercises. 

There are six UNIQUE courses available once you purchase a license, each using slightly different techniques. The training approach includes flash exercises, speed tests, and practice readings to maximize your newly acquired skills. 

The course supports various formats, such as Microsoft Word and PDF, allowing for personalized training.

One downside is the boring interface, which hasn’t changed much since the course’s inception in 1996; however, if you’re not bothered by the presentation, RocketReader, with its diverse course selection, maybe a good fit for you. 

The pricing for RocketReader is $139, and the overall rating is three out of five stars.

A Customer Review (From RocketReader Website): “I have noticed a substantial difference in both my reading and information retention with the use of RocketReader. Thank you for a great product.” – William Weiss, North Carolina, USA

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Personalized approach based on current reading level 
Focus on improving comprehension through subvocalization 
Suitable for students, professionals, and children


Interface is lacking visual appeal
Limited information on continuous updates for improvements

8. Kwik Speed Reading Course

a screenshot of the Kwik Speed Reading Course from Kwiklearningonline

Platform: Kwik Brain

Instructor: Jim Kwik

Course Length: N/A

The Kwik speed reading course is one of the best online courses from Kwik Learning. They have students in over 150 countries. They focus on enhancing memory, reading skills, and brain performance.

Their speed reading, called Kwik Reading, is designed for adults, professionals, and corporate institutions. According to Kwik, everyone can become a good reader by overcoming bad habits and developing reading skills.

The course aims to improve four essential elements: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. It claims to instantly boost reading speed by 25% through methods that can be applied right away. 

Similar to other courses, Kwik Reading works on eliminating subvocalization habits and reducing eye fixation to make readers faster. 

The structure of Kwik Reading includes 21 online sessions for $497, covering principles, techniques, and UNIQUE strategies taught by Jim Kwik. 

The course is designed to be completed in 21 days, but students can repeat sessions at any time. Tools are also provided to track reading progress. 

A Customer Review (From Kwik Reading Website): “Jim’s training is incredible. I read quickly because of Jim. I have a better memory because of him. I LOVE his stuff. Take his course; it will change your life in ways you cannot imagine.” – Brendon Burchard (Founder of High-Performance Academy, New York Times)

Now, check the following pros and cons. 


Improve memory, reading skills, and brain performance
Suitable for adults, professionals, and corporate institutions
Comprehensive coverage of key reading elements


Some may find the course structure challenging
Limited information on specific course tools

9. Speed Reading Masterclass – How to Read Faster?

a screenshot of the Speed Reading Masterclass - How to Read Faster? Course from Skillshare

Platform: Skillshare

Instructor: Matthew Espinoza

Course Length: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

This speed reading course, taught by entrepreneur and productivity expert Matthew Espinoza, is all about improving your reading speed while keeping your comprehension intact.

The program is split into three phases, helping you maximize your speed based on what you’re reading – be it a novel, textbook, or more.

In the first part, Matthew introduces the L.I.V.E.S Formula, the key concept for the entire course. You’ll learn why some traditional speed reading tricks might not be effective and discover various techniques to remember everything you read.

Moving on to the phases, you’ll start with novels. Matthew guides you through speed reading fiction and non-fiction books, ensuring you grasp the stories deeply. Then comes textbooks. 

For example, here, you’ll adapt your reading for learning, gaining a framework to remember important factual details, reducing the need for relearning during exams.

The third phase focuses on retention. It’s not about reading fast; it’s about remembering what you read. You’ll enhance your speed reading skills and learn effective memory techniques for long-term retention. 

By the end of the course, you’ll read more efficiently, find joy in reading again, and develop the ability to learn effectively from books. Matthew encourages you to join and looks forward to seeing you inside.

A Customer Review (From Skillshare Website): “I’m amazed how my reading speed went from 170 (Not even the average) to 390 terms per minute. It was simply INCREDIBLE!  This speed reading course was only going to be about speed reading in general. Still, this guy also teaches how to read books depending on the contents, either a simple novel or a book you want to extract information from, and as a plus, he also teaches some reading strategies for recalling what you read. Thanks a lot!” – N/A.

Now, check the following pros and cons.


Uses effective memory techniques to improve memory power
Positive results reported by users 
Practical application for different types of contents 


Time commitment might be a drawback 
Limited content preview 

10. Legentas Online Speed Reading Course

a screenshot of the Legentas Online Speed Reading Course from Legentas

Platform: Legentas

Instructor: N/A

Course Length: 20 Hours 

Legentas is an online speed reading course designed to help students and working professionals by eliminating bad reading habits from high school. 

It focuses on teaching comprehensive reading by addressing issues like skimming, lack of focus, and connecting words. Activities, including memory and word recognition exercises, are used to retain reading habits.

One standout feature is the immediate feedback provided after completing a speed reading course or activity, offering precise scores and tips for improvement. 

Legentas stands out by supporting seven languages, including Spanish and Slovakian, with plans to add Portuguese and German soon. 

The speed reading course prioritizes usability, ensuring a comfortable presentation. Activities are designed to be easy on the eyes, while training focuses on specific terms during reading. Completing the 20 lessons earns you a certificate of achievement.

While Legentas is similar to RocketReader and Eye-Q, lacking distinct features, it stands among the best speed reading courses online. It offers a well-structured curriculum with proven results.

Pricing for Legentas is $65, and it receives a rating of four out of five stars.

A Customer Review (From Legentas Website): “I can definitely recommend the speed reading course (and especially effective) reading within the project Legentas! In a non-aggressive way of teaching, you learn to really “read” in a few weeks!” – N/A.

Now, check the following pros and cons.


Focuses on eliminating bad reading habits
Supports multiple languages (7 languages)
Provides a certificate of achievement 


Similar to other platforms like RocketReader
Lacks standout features compared to competitors

What to Look Out for in a Speed Reading Course?

I can understand that choosing the BEST speed reading class can feel hard. However, considering a few key points can really help.

(Don’t miss them out.)

  • Instructor Experience: Look for courses taught by experienced instructors in a relevant subject area. And ensure the instructor has the necessary skills to guide you effectively. 
  • Techniques: Make sure the speed reading class covers the aspects of speed reading that align with your goals. Determine if you want to apply speed reading to study or read fiction. 
  • Guarantees Or Refund Policies: Consider the course’s guarantee or refund policies. A reputable speed reading course often stands behind its effectiveness and may offer a satisfaction guarantee. This provides a level of assurance and recourse if the course doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Syllabus And Skill Level: Check if the class offers what you’re looking for. Decide if you want a broad focus on just speed reading or a more specialized approach, such as improving memory retention. 
  • Skill Development: The class should focus on improving your skills, teaching ways like effective scanning and reading between the lines.
  • Price And Value: Consider your budget but also weigh the value you’re getting. If a pricier speed reading course offers significantly more experienced instructors, it might be worth the investment. 
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Look for courses that use interactive tools and exercises. These could include software, apps, or online platforms that actively engage you in the learning process. Interactive tools can enhance your cognition and retention of speed reading methods.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Consider the flexibility of the course in terms of schedule and format. Some courses may be self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own speed, while others may follow a more structured timetable. Choose a format that aligns with your learning style and availability.
  • Up-to-date Content: Speed reading techniques and technologies evolve over time. Ensure that the course content is up-to-date and incorporates the latest research and advancements in the field. This ensures that you are learning the most effective and relevant strategies.

In short, by assessing these factors, you can find a speed reading class that suits your needs and provides good value for your money.

Pricing: Speed Reading Courses

GUESS WHAT? These classes mentioned in the review will cost anywhere from about $20 to $350. Even at the higher price range, they are still cheaper than in-person training. 

However, think about it this way: If you break down the cost per hour and consider that you’re gaining a valuable skill, these classes offer great value.

For example, subscription platforms like Skillshare might charge around $168 annually to all classes on the platform, including the eight best speed reading courses mentioned (all the courses).

The more courses you take within that year, the more value you get for your money. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Speed Reading?

Courses in this review have varying lengths, ranging from 1 hour to 20 hours. To estimate the time needed, you can visit the particular platform for details. This will give you an idea of how much time to set aside for learning.

Plus, you can watch and review the videos at your own pace. Many courses also provide downloadable resources and assignments for your reference.

Are you clear?

Great, then I’ll discuss the benefits of taking a speed reading course in the following section. 

Benefits of Taking a Speed Reading Course

I ALWAYS believe learning something has only benefits. 

I’ll tell you some benefits of taking a speed reading course. So, you can know whether they will be really beneficial for you. Deal?

Okay, keep reading. 

  • Expand Vocabulary: Speed reading exposes you to a wider range of terms and phrases, contributing to the expansion of your vocabulary. 
  • Adaptive Learning Strategies: Speed reading courses equip you with adaptable reading strategies, allowing you to design your approach based on the material at hand. This flexibility in reading methods can be invaluable when dealing with diverse subjects and formats, enhancing your overall learning versatility.
  • Reduced Subvocalization: Speed reading techniques help minimize the habit of subvocalization (mentally pronouncing words), enabling faster reading without the need for internal verbalization.
  • Adaptability To Various Materials: Speed reading equips you to tackle different types of materials efficiently, from articles and reports to academic texts and novels.
  • Increased Confidence: Mastering speed reading boosts your confidence in handling large volumes of information, making you feel more capable and self-assured.
  • Better Time Management: By reading faster, you can free up time for other activities, leading to improved time management skills. 
  • Gain More Information: You can read more information in a very short period when you read faster. This is because you don’t read word by word to understand it. So, when your brain actively gains more information, it helps you to think rapidly.
  • Improved Focus And Concentration: Speed reading, including techniques like super reading and efficient eye fixation, enhances your ability to maintain focus on the text. This improved concentration extends beyond speed reading sessions, positively impacting other aspects of your life and learning.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Speed reading promotes active engagement with the text, encouraging you to analyze and synthesize information rapidly. This critical thinking skill goes beyond reading, positively impacting problem-solving abilities and decision-making processes in various aspects of life.

Other course categories you might like:


    Listen, If you’re ready to read like never before, select the PERFECT speed reading course designed to your needs – from Jim Kwik’s mind-expanding techniques to Silviu Marisca’s seven-day mastery. 

    Time is money, and with these courses, you’ll save both. Choose your speed reading course and focus on a faster, more efficient reading experience. 

    Pick a course, boost your skills, and read at lightning speed! (and thank me later.)


    Online speed reading courses typically cost between $20 and $500, often cheaper than in-person lessons.

    Problems in speed reading include lack of practice and attempting to memorize everything while reading. Solution: Increase practice and prioritize reading comprehension over memorization initially.

    Typically, speed reading courses range from 28 minutes to 5 hours, excluding practice time.

    The aim of speed reading is to increase information intake and learning efficiency by reading quickly, utilizing the subconscious mind, and understanding complex ideas without compromising comprehension.

    Speed reading is measured in words per minute (WPM), calculated by dividing the number of words in a passage by the minutes taken to read it.

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