Udemy for Business Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Really Worth it?

Last Updated on July, 2024

What makes Udemy for Business so popular? 

The numbers don’t lie; used by nearly 15,000 enterprises around the globe, including a whopping 50% of the Fortune 100 list, it’s one of the biggest online learning platforms in the world. 

You’re here because it has you intrigued. You want to learn more about it, how it works, and how you can leverage it to drive success in your organization. 

This Udemy for Business review has the answers to all those questions. Below, you’ll find my comprehensive breakdown of Udemy Business.

I explore how its courses will benefit your employees, the pricing of its different plans, the pros and cons compared to the competition, and much more. 

By the end, I’ll answer the most critical question: Is Udemy Business worth your time and money? 

With that, let’s begin this deep dive.

About Udemy for Business

What is Udemy Business?

Udemy Business is a subscription service on the Udemy online learning platform. This service is a resource for businesses to educate and upskill their workforce through a massive variety of courses. 

The program works on all scopes, from a small team of 5 to an expanding enterprise of over 21. 

Udemy Business offers 24,000+ on-demand courses that are taught by high-level professionals. They cover a vast spectrum of topics, from skills training in subjects such as IT and finance, up to advanced modules on wellness and leadership. 

The expanse of available resources has made Udemy Business one of the most widely used online learning solutions among top companies.

Companies That Use Udemy Business

Globally recognized brands across all sectors use Udemy Business to upskill their employees and constantly stay ahead. Among these are Apple, PepsiCo, and Citigroup, to name a few. 

All three companies above are currently in the top half of the Fortune 100 list.

Who is Udemy Business for? 

Udemy Business is for team leaders looking to educate a group of 5 or more employees.

This can mean developing the skills of newly hired workers during training or encouraging collaboration among existing employees through sharing resources.

On a bigger scale, Udemy Business is used by companies looking to diversify or expand to new fields. It enables workers to obtain the necessary skills to thrive in those fields. 

What Topics Do the Courses Cover? 

Udemy Business offers a vast range of topics for employee education and upskilling.

The course list covers: 

  • Business Operations
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data Science 
  • Design
  • Development
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT Operations 
  • Language Learning
  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing 
  • Office Productivity 
  • Personal Development
  • Project & Product Management
  • Sales
  • Workplace & Human Resources 

This collection of topics caters to the most in-demand skills companies need in their workforce. There’s also the sheer number of courses, which combine to give employees the most holistic education possible on each topic. 

Here’s our review of the Udemy if you want to know more about this overall platform.

The Difference Between Udemy and Udemy Business

Udemy & Udemy Business logo

The key difference between Udemy and Udemy for Business is that the former is for individuals while the latter is for groups or teams of 5 people or more.

The central Udemy platform allows individuals to gain education for personal development. Meanwhile, Udemy Business enables corporations to improve the skills of a particular team of workers in the pursuit of business goals.

Another difference is how you access courses on the main platform compared to Udemy Business. 

Udemy allows users to purchase individual courses, which they can access anytime. In contrast, Udemy Business is a subscription model enabling access to the entire collection of classes as long as the subscription is active.

How to Use Udemy Business?

Udemy Business offers different plans depending on your organization’s size and the level of training you want to give your employees. There’s the Team Plan, the Enterprise Plan, and the Leadership Academy. Let’s look at each in more detail. 

Udemy Team Plan

A screenshot of the Udemy for team page

Designed for groups of 5-20 workers, the Team Plan is an efficient online learning solution for smaller organizations. Employees will have access to over 10,500 courses spread among various topics. 

Team leaders can look at basic insights and analytics through the User Adoption Funnel. This feature shows the number of workers who have logged into the company’s Udemy Business account and who they are. 

Udemy Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is for teams of 21 persons and above. 

This plan has the same array of content as the team plan, but it is now collected into over 24,000 courses. The increased resources make Udemy Enterprise ideal for larger organizations looking to upskill their employees.

This plan also has more for team leaders, including analytics features to track course progress, SSO support, and API integration. 

Udemy Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program, or Leadership Academy, is for groups of 25 or more.

This program is an advanced collection of over 100 courses focusing on leadership training. 

Courses here cover applied learning, research-based content curation, group coaching, and more. 

In addition to lessons and expert instructors, the Leadership Academy offers access to virtual live sessions, which are not available for the Team or Enterprise plans. 

Getting Into Udemy Business

Signing up for Udemy Business is a straightforward process. It can be done online at https://business.udemy.com/.

Navigate to “Plans,” and the dropdown menu will show you the Team and Enterprise plans. Select “Compare Plans” from the dropdown if you want to sign up for the Leadership Academy.

You can also sign up via the Udemy Business app on Android and iOS, which runs on a clean and user-friendly interface.

Once you’ve entered the necessary details to sign up, you can commence your free trial, request a demo, or contact sales, depending on the plan of your choice. 

How Much Does Udemy Business Cost? 

Upon signing up for the Team or Enterprise plan, Udemy Business gives you temporary free course access. 

The team plan has a 14-day trial period, while the Enterprise plan lets you request a free demo to familiarize yourself with the program. Sadly, there are no demos or trials for the Leadership Development Program. 

Past the trial period, the Team Plan will cost you $30 a month per user, billed annually. This adds up to $360 a year for one team member. The total cost will depend on the number of team members who will be using the platform. 

The Enterprise Plan has no set price and requires you to contact Udemy Sales. The same goes for the Leadership Development Program. 

What Udemy Business Courses Look Like?

A screenshot of the Udemy business course collection page

Udemy Business features a genuinely massive swath of courses, and it has the quality to match the quantity, as only courses with a 4.5 rating or higher are included in the service.

The primary resources for lessons are pre-recorded videos, and despite the courses being distinct, they are all incredibly well-structured. Below, you can see what a typical high-quality course on Udemy Business looks like. 

Course Introduction

The introduction gives a concise, top-to-bottom summary of the course. It lays an excellent foundation for the concepts, skills, and achievements that await learners once they reach the end.

There’s also an exercise or reflective activity that serves as a powerful motivator for the coming sections.

The Middle

This is the meat of the course, which explores concepts introduced at the start in impeccable detail. It is divided into multiple sections, each with its own set of lessons and learning objectives. 

Lectures are presented in short, bite-sized videos that guide learners toward the objective of each section at a steady pace.

Practice activities and assessments along the way give them pause to apply their new skills, reflect on what they’ve learned, and find areas to improve on.

Instructors also introduce reference materials for video lectures, such as checklists, worksheets, and PDF notes. These resources further strengthen the educational value in each section. 

The Conclusion

The course concludes with a brief but impactful final lecture. It recaps the key concepts and allows the team of learners to take in what they’ve accomplished by getting to the end. This last sendoff motivates them to take their skills and apply them to drive results. 

Who are the Instructors?

All the courses in the world don’t mean anything without the proper people to teach them. Fortunately, Udemy Business matches its vast ocean of resources with a brilliant set of instructors. 

Their qualifications and backgrounds are displayed right on the course page. No matter what subject you are looking at, their acumen will impress you. 

For example, The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start, by David Bombal. The “Instructor” section on his course page tells you he’s not just any teacher.

  • He is a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor.
  • He passed his CCIE labs on his first attempt (a rare feat).
  • He has trained students on Cisco courses for over 15 years.
  • He has served as an instructor on Cisco topics around the world.
  • His YouTube channel has half a million subscribers.

This should show you the standard for instructors on Udemy Business. Of the 75,000+ teachers on Udemy, only a fraction are selected to offer their courses on Udemy Business. So, your employees will be in the best hands.

Top Courses on Udemy for Business 

Here’s a look at four top courses on Udemy Business designed for four different skill types:

Business Skills – The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course

This course explores 14 finance roles. These include investment banking, hedge funds, equity research, and trading. The lessons here develop the skills of investors, portfolio managers, analysts, and more. 

Tech Skills – Python A-Z: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises!

A screenshot of the Python A-Z: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises Course from Udemy

This course is about programming in Python. It erases the steep learning curve with live examples and practical exercises. Learners will understand core principles, how to create variables, visualize data, and more. 

Leadership Skills – Be A Great Mentor: A Practical Guide To Mentorship

A screenshot of the Be A Great Mentor: A Practical Guide To Mentorship Course from Udemy

This course is recommended for managers and leaders with years of working experience. It focuses on the relationship between mentor and mentee. Managers and leaders will learn how to build trust and offer the proper guidance to their employees. 

Wellness Skills – Stress Management: 40+ Easy Ways To Deal With Stress

A screenshot of the Stress Management: 40+ Easy Ways To Deal With Stress Course from Udemy

This course offers well-researched methods of reducing stress. It is shorter, with about an hour of video content. The lessons explore cognitive, physical, and emotional relief strategies to deal with stress.

Creating Custom Courses on Udemy Business 

Udemy Business allows you to create and publish custom online courses. These courses will only be visible to those with access to your business account. 

While this is a great feature, it is only accessible to Enterprise Plan users. So, Udemy Team plan users who want to access it must upgrade their subscription. 

Much detail and thought goes into creating a quality course from the ground up. Trying to cram that information into this one section wouldn’t do it justice, especially since Udemy Business has an entire course for it. 

Navigate to the search bar at the top of your business account home page and type in the keywords “Custom course in Udemy Business.” This will give you everything you need to learn on this topic. 

Once your course is created, the next step is publishing it. If you are the admin of the business account, you can post the course right away. If not, the course will be put up for review until the admin approves it for publication. 

Creating a Learning Path on Udemy Business

A learning path is the essential framework of any training program. It ties all the courses into a sequence, streamlining the learning process and making progress easy to gauge. 

Udemy Business makes creating one incredibly simple. 

From the business account home page, select “Learning Paths.” On the next page, select “Create Path.” After that, give your path a name and briefly describe its purpose. 

Once the learning path is created, select “+ Udemy course” from the dropdown menu under “Add Content.” Search for the custom or Udemy Business courses you need and include them in your learning path. 

Udemy Business also lets you attach links to articles, videos, podcasts, and any other resources you want to supplement the courses. This adds up to an all-encompassing solution to upskill workers and meet business objectives.

It’s an outstanding feature. The only catch? Like custom courses, it is only available in the Enterprise Plan. So, Team users will miss out unless they upgrade. 

Udemy Business Certifications 

Most Udemy Business courses offer a certificate of completion when learners reach the end of the class. They are downloadable in both the web and mobile versions. 

Its partnership with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) allows Udemy Business to provide certifications eligible for Continued Professional Education (CPE) credits. 

Other than that, these certificates do not have the backing of any accredited college or institution. 

Pros and Cons of Udemy Business


Ease of access.
Offers over 24,000 courses.
It has a wide range of subjects that cater to the most in-demand skills.
Courses are selected based on strict criteria.
Team-based learning incentives, collaboration and sharing of ideas.
Allows custom course creation.
Has learning paths to enrich the training experience. 
Instructors are specialized and carefully selected.
Offers a free trial and demo for the Team and Enterprise plans, respectively. 
Android and iOS apps allow offline viewing.


Team Plan does not include custom courses or learning paths.
Limited live interaction with instructors.
Certificates, though provided, are non-accredited.
Does not offer refunds.

What are the Alternatives? 

Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus is a subscription service on the Coursera platform. It has a monthly subscription of $59 and an annual subscription of $399. This is higher than the $360 starting price of Udemy Business, and that’s without the same variety of courses. 

Coursera Plus has an edge, though, when it comes to offering accredited certificates. It provides courses from prestigious colleges, universities and companies.

Skillshare for Teams

Skillshare for Teams is the Udemy Business equivalent of Skillshare. It handily wins the cost and content battles: 35,000 classes at $159 annually for 2-49 users. However, these classes do not have the quality content or instructors that Udemy Business does. 


edX has a group plan that starts at $349 a year and only offers 3,500+ courses. However, these courses are some of the very best in the world.

This is because the edX platform has affiliations with the likes of Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. So, while Udemy Business is more vast, it’s hard to overlook the prestige value of edX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Udemy is for individual learning with pay-per-course, while Udemy Business targets teams over 5 with a subscription model.

Yes, most Udemy Business courses offer certificates upon completion, but they are not accredited.

Udemy Business does not offer refunds but provides a 14-day free trial for the Team Plan and a free demo for the Enterprise Plan.

Verdict: Is Udemy for Business Worth it?

Udemy Business has attained its popularity for a reason. 

When it comes to upskilling employees for companies of any scope, there is real value for your money here. Udemy for Business truly seems to understand the importance of fostering collaboration during training.

The combination of outstanding courses, high-level instructors, and user-friendly features make Udemy Business a solid solution to drive your business goals. I would say, you must get Udemy for Business.

With that said, there are lapses to consider. Your priorities will determine if this platform is the right option for you. 

If cost and accredited certifications are your main concerns, then Udemy Business falls behind some of the competition. But there isn’t another platform that offers this many resources at this high standard.

It’s these two factors together that give Udemy Business the edge, in my opinion.

You can definitely go cheaper, but if you want to mold highly efficient team players, then Udemy Business is the right path. 

I hope this deep-dive review of Udemy for Business has helped you make an informed decision. 

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Overall Score


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Offers over 24,000 courses
It has a wide range of subjects that cater to the most in-demand skills
Team-based learning incentives, collaboration and sharing of ideas
Has learning paths to enrich the training experience
Android and iOS apps allow offline viewing
Offers a free trial and demo for the Team and Enterprise plans, respectively
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Team Plan does not include custom courses or learning paths.
Does not offer refunds

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