7 Websites That Offer Free Online Acting Classes (Beginners)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Got acting dreams to achieve? Or acting skills that need honing and perfecting?

Acting is a talent that requires continuous nourishment and practice to refine. To accomplish anything in the arts and entertainment industry, you must master acting techniques and skills. 

You don’t have to spend on expensive acting classes to acquire or keep up with this talent. You just need to be aware of platforms that can offer you this.

All thanks to the continuously growing technology that brings online acting classes to follow at your own speed. And that also by renowned professionals and coaches who have excelled in the industry.

So here’s a list of platforms that gives you access to online acting classes completely free of charge.

Quick Summary

Skillshare, Alison, Takelessons, Truthful Acting Online, Eventbrite, Class Central, and Acting School Stop offer free online acting classes.

Masterclass offers a 7-day free trial and classes from famous working actors for a monthly fee.

Most online acting classes provide pre-recorded videos, homework exercises, and submission checkpoints to help you keep track of your progress.

A List of Free Online Acting Classes

1. Skillshare

Skillshare home page

Skillshare is an online website with various course offerings ranging from design to photography to self-care illustrations. The site also covers a diverse area of online acting classes. 

Through Skillshare, you can explore various tools, techniques, and topics to help you memorize and learn lines, get into character, dramatize values and emotions, create an audition tape, and many more.

Using Skillshare’s 30-day free trial offer, you can delve into various online acting classes.

Whether you are a beginner looking for improv sessions or an experienced actor looking to hone your skills, the Skillshare online tutorials can help you take your performance to the next level. 

Skillshare’s acting classes include acting basics, improvisation, script reading, character development, and voice acting.

Most classes are short 30-minute sessions or multi-part short sessions. So you can easily take advantage of the trial period to explore the numerous online acting classes.

Some online classes allow you to create and share your hands-on project to receive feedback from a community of creators. 

Want to learn more about Skillshare? Here’s my In-Depth Skillshare experience.

2. Alison

Alison home page

Alison is one the world’s largest free online learning platforms covering many study disciplines, including online acting classes. 

It is free of charge, meaning you get unlimited access to all study materials available on the site by simply signing up. And you can take however many classes you want per month.

Although Alison is a diverse site, in terms of acting classes, they do not have an extensive profile. But Alison covers a decent number of acting course topics like audition prep, script analysis, and specific types of acting.

When you sign up and pursue a course you are interested in, the course will be listed as “in progress” under your account. So you can access it whenever and complete it at your convenience.

3. Takelessons

Takelessons is an online platform offering lessons on up to 300+ subjects, from acting to zoology. And there are online courses catering to all ages. This online platform offers multiple ways of learning through many top-rated instructors.

With the integration of live classes, you can jump into an online acting class in real time simply by signing up using a valid email address. 

This website connects you with expert acting coaches willing to connect with you.

Designed with many flexible learning options like 1-to-1 private learning sessions (online or in-person), group classes, engaging videos, and on-demand online events, you can choose a convenient option that works for you. 

By combining real-time learning with online coursework, you are given the benefit of discussing and clarifying matters through these real-time instruction sessions.

Inside the TakeLessons platform, you can find various helpful and comprehensive resources to improve your acting skills, no matter your learning level. 

Takelessons lets you explore hundreds of live acting classes available every week to find one that fits your liking and schedule. Some of the top-rated acting lessons include script reading, two-person scene work, method acting, and scene study.

Every month you can take up to 8 online acting lessons free of charge without even needing your credit card details.

If you are satisfied with your experience and want to take more acting classes online or with top-rated instructors/experts, you can take up a paid unlimited access subscription.

4. Truthful Acting Online

Truthful Acting Online is a web platform that is an extension of the Truthful Acting Studios based in Orlando, Florida. 

The Truthful Acting Online platform offers pre-packaged online acting courses created and designed by instructors conducting in-person classes at the physical location. These courses are structured with detailed instructions, including pre-recorded videos.

It allows aspiring actors to access these materials anytime from the comfort of their homes and work at mastering the basics of acting at their own pace. 

The lesson plan for every course option includes a lecture component, homework exercises, and submission checkpoints. This checklist allows you to keep track of your progress and gives an idea of how well you’ve mastered the course materials.

Simply put, Truthful Acting Online is an online acting school with various acting courses.

In addition, the site also contains detailed guides on various important topics for someone looking to kick-start their acting career.

Some topics include how to start acting, voice acting, and how to get into acting. You can access this information simply by visiting their website.

Truthful Acting Online constantly updates and changes its online course and free session offerings. You can learn more about their currently available free sessions through their website. And to access free online acting classes, you can visit their YouTube channel.

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a self-service advertising and ticketing platform. This site allows people to list live experience events.

Although Eventbrite is not a learning platform, site users can also list online events. Listed in such a way, you can find a few free online acting classes on this site.

The creator of the online event decides on the variables like delivery mode/ platform, cost of the event, and extent of information available through the site.

When you register for an online event through the site, you will receive a confirmation email with all the relevant information on the event. Followed by a reminder email, you can join the event/ class through the link provided via email. 

The options for online acting classes accessible through Eventbrite will change based on the users/creators offering the courses. But you can choose between a few listed options at any given time.

You can check the Eventbrite website or app to keep you updated on the class listings since it constantly changes.

6. Class Central

Class Central is an extensive site that aggregates courses from various providers on almost every subject. This way, you can find and access the best course suitable for you.

The providers primarily include top universities worldwide, with some classes even offering certifications for the course you take.

So from among the extensive subjects, acting classes are obviously included. There are both paid and free online acting classes. And to choose a suitable class, you can read user reviews.

You can access free online acting classes directly through the Class Central site. The site will track your progress and update you with relevant information about the course you take up.

If you choose a paid course, you will be redirected to the relevant universities, companies, or online acting schools offering the course. You can then decide if to take up the paid course or not.

Even Though the aggregation of classes listed on the Class Central website changes periodically, a decent number of free online classes are always available at any given time.

The classes typically cover topics like acting tips, introductory acting training, acting techniques, acting approach, and advice on an acting career.

7. Acting School Stop 

The Acting School Stop is an in-depth acting guide that can help you learn to act online. And it is entirely FREE. This website contains all the information and expansive articles you will need to know to start your career in the acting field. 

The online class offered by Acting School Stop takes you through a detailed step-by-step guide to learning and mastering acting techniques.

The subject material is categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to help you start off from whatever level of proficiency.

You will find information on various topics focused on getting started on acting, getting over stage fright, and refreshers for professional actors.

Topics covered include how to work on a monologue, character build, learning lines, where to find auditions and how to nail auditions, and many more. You can access the acting tips and resources to help you prepare for your audition.

You can also submit your monologues for review and get helpful feedback. And the downloadable free ebook contains all this information for you to access anytime. 

A Better Consideration: Masterclass

inside the Masterclass

Compared to the above-listed sites, I’ve got a better consideration for you: The Masterclass. Now I know this article is supposed to be about free acting lessons.

But since I also know that there is a worthy consideration that you can definitely benefit from, especially a platform offering an acting masterclass in addition to basic acting lessons, I had to give its own topic. 

Starting at just $15 a month, you can access online acting lessons from legends and famous working actors like Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Helen Mirren.

On top of that, the 7-day free trial gives you plenty of time to explore most of the online acting lessons offered by Masterclass FOR FREE. You can take advantage of this trial period to figure out if it is worth paying for.

Moreover, at Masterclass, you can find an extensive collection of courses in various fields like music, food, design, lifestyle, and many more. Check out Masterclass if you are interested in exploring these fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can absolutely learn acting online. Many experienced and award-winning actors offer online classes that cover a wide range of aspects of acting, such as different techniques.

Yes, online acting classes can be worth it based on the class you choose and the dedication you pour in. Since online acting classes lack the in-person interaction you may have with a coach, you have to pay attention and make the best out of the class you take.


All things considered, there is definitely a wide variety of online acting classes for you to explore and choose from.

And each online acting school or acting class offers different learning methods. Evaluate what method best suits you to find classes that work for you.

With practice and hard work, you can achieve all your acting dreams! 

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