Domestika Review (2024 Upd.) Best Platform for Creatives?

Last Updated on July, 2024

If you are a creative person looking to enhance your creative abilities, such as art, design, and photography, Domestika is the right place for you. 

The question I’m driving at is, “Is Domestika worth it?”

This review is all you need to answer all your questions. If you’re uncertain about beginning your learning journey with Domestika, this review will assist you in making the right decision. 

So please stick with me right up to the end of this article. 

Without any more delay, let’s dive right into this Domestika review.

 Overall: 4.9/5
domestika online learning platform
  • Provides high-quality creative courses across various fields
  • Accessible via a convenient mobile app
  • Taught by industry experts with professional production values
  • Users get lifetime access to purchased courses
  • Offered in multiple languages
Brand Information
  • Domestika was founded in the year 2002
  • It was founded by Julio Cotorruelo, Tomy Pelluz, and Pablo Stanley
  • Focuses on creative courses, establishing a niche in the creative sector
  • Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility
Product Benefits
  • Domestika offers a wide range of creative courses
  • From absolute beginners to experienced professionals, Domestika’s courses cater to all types of students
  • Domestika’s courses are often reasonably priced
  • Interactive elements which encourage engagement and help reinforce learning


What is Domestika?

domestika learning platform logged in a laptop

Domestika is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of creative online courses. 

Originating as a small online learning platform for creatives, today, this creative community has expanded to include over 10 MILLION members worldwide, all driven by curiosity and a passion for acquiring new skills. 

It has now evolved into a massive e-learning platform, boasting more than ten categories of online courses taught by hundreds of talented instructors around the world. 

Domestika primarily caters to creators, and while it offers many excellent software courses, its core audience is those in creative fields. 

Some key features of Domestika include high-quality video lessons, interactive elements, a creative community where students and instructors can interact, and lifetime access to course materials after purchase. 

Pretty awesome, right?

While most courses are in Spanish and Portuguese, it has expanded its offerings to include classes in English and other different languages, making it accessible to a broader global audience. 

How Does Domestika Work?

Okay, so now you wanna get started with Domestika but don’t know how it works?

Let’s find out!!

First, you get yourself registered on Domestika for a free account, and then, you can explore all the available courses, but you won’t be able to download additional resources. 

a screenshot of the domestika join for free homepage

You can either buy classes individually or pay a monthly subscription fee and get access to all Domestic’s course categories such as Illustration, Craft, Marketing & Business, Photography & Video, Design, 3D & Animation, Architecture & Spaces, Writing, Web & App Design, Fashion, Calligraphy & Typography, Music & Audio.

When you discover a Domestika class you like, you can purchase it, granting you unlimited access to the course material indefinitely. 

To make the purchase, simply add the course to your cart and proceed to checkout, where you can complete the transaction using a credit or debit card. 

Domestika courses can be accessed on the web as well as through dedicated Android and iOS apps. At the same time, lessons can be downloaded on your mobile to watch offline, anytime. 

Each course is individually priced, and you also have the option for a membership; you can subscribe to Domestika Plus, which many find appealing. (I will be talking about Domestika Plus in a different subsection in detail.)

It’s safe to say that the owners of Domestika Plus enjoy numerous complimentary perks.

Domestika provides a very FLEXIBLE APPROACH, which means you can study at your own pace without any strict deadlines. Life is all about death, taxes, and deadlines. But at least not with Domestika. So chill out!

You’ll receive a certificate of attendance upon successfully finishing a course and completing the final project. 

Who is Domestika for?

Are you a creative person with a knack for creativity and willing to learn new skills? Then, you are precisely what Domestika is made for. 

Whether you are an individual with no prior knowledge or a professional in the creative field, Domestika offers courses to every single one of you. 

If you are on the fence, thinking, “Domestika courses are primarily in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish,” worry not.

Courses on Domestika come with English subtitles, and they are expanding their scope to bring in new courses in English. 

a student learning on domestika

Domestika caters to a diverse audience, and it can be suitable for:

  • Creative enthusiasts eager to cultivate their skills and knowledge. 
  • Dedicated professionals seeking to elevate their expertise with fresh talents.
  • Absolute beginners and other students who want to explore something entirely new. 
  • Dedicated learners in search of a new, productive hobby to nurture creativity and mindfulness.

Who Teaches Domestika Courses?

a screenshot of the course catalog of domestika

Before you start taking courses on Domestika, you might want to look into the lecture panel. Because obviously, they’re the driving force of Domestika and the ones who will teach you. 

The instructors of Domestika hold significant expertise and robust portfolios that showcase their expertise, and they bring a wealth of knowledge to the platform. 

These instructors come from diverse backgrounds, spanning graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, animation, and more, and can provide high-quality, hands-on, and engaging content. 

Domestika ensures that every new course proposal is carefully reviewed and approved by the Domestika team, guaranteeing the highest quality standard. 

Moreover, Domestika offers detailed information about each instructor on the course pages so you can assess the instructor’s background, expertise, and sample work before you enroll for the course. 

This level of transparency will allow you to make well-informed choices, ensuring you select courses taught by instructors whose style and experience align with your learning goals. 

Popular Courses on Domestika: Domestika Review

Every course on Domestika is thoroughly produced in-house, featuring a dedicated group of tutors to ensure a high-quality learning experience for you. 

There are many courses on Domestika, but for now, I’ll talk about the most popular ones. 


1. Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor

a screenshot of the illustrated portrait in watercolor course by domestika

Ana Santos, a highly skilled painter and illustrator, will be your instructor for this course, guiding you through the essential steps to craft a flawless watercolor portrait. 

If you want to learn portraiture and modern watercolor techniques, this is the perfect course. 

You will gain insight into Ana’s artistic approach, learn to sketch an image accurately, become proficient in using tools like collared pencils and graphite, and ultimately learn how to enhance your artwork using Photoshop. 


2. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

a screenshot of the introduction to adobe photoshop course by domestika

This course is a compilation of five ‘Domestika Basics’ courses thoroughly combined to offer you the ultimate Photoshop learning experience. 

Even if you have no prior knowledge of Photoshop, you can enroll in this course since it’s designed for absolute beginners.

By segmenting it into smaller sub-courses, you’ll have the opportunity to systematically structure and track your progress while you learn at your own pace. 

You will learn the art of crafting and managing Photoshop files, merging files, working with layers, and utilizing various tools and brushes. 

3. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

a screenshot of the introduction to adobe illustrator course by domestika

This course is also a compilation of six ‘Domestika Basics’ courses, providing you with a comprehensive Adobe Illustrator journey. 

Aarón Martinez, a seasoned graphic designer with a diverse background in digital marketing and video games, will be your instructor for this course. 

This course will lay the foundation of your journey with Adobe Illustrator, giving you the skills of creating and managing Illustrator projects, transforming shapes, and gaining expertise in selecting the optimal color profiles for your project. 

Photography & Video

4. Professional Photography for Instagram

a screenshot of the professional photography for instagram course by domestika

Mina Barrio, a renowned content creator from Spain, has curated this course to unveil her most coveted photography techniques to enhance your presence on Instagram. 

Like all other Domestika courses, you don’t need prior expertise; you only need a smartphone with a decent camera. 

From this course, you will gain the skills to effectively convey your values through images, discover the suitable materials and props to upgrade the quality of your photos and master the art of capturing flawless flat lay shots. 

You will also learn how to edit images directly on your smartphone. Cool right? 

Just sit back and watch your followers GROW. 

3D & Animation

5. Introduction to After Effects

a screenshot of the introduction to after effects course by domestika

Master the skill of post-production editing with Zenzuke, a seasoned After Effects specialist, in this foundational course. 

Learn how to craft GIFs and special effects, and incorporate 2D and 3D elements with masks, layers, lighting, and infuse life into your projects through animation. 

This course is thoughtfully structured into smaller ‘Domestika Basics’ segments to facilitate your learning journey. 

Designed with beginners in mind, all you need is access to Adobe After Effects to get started. 


6. English Calligraphy from A to Z

a screenshot of the english calligraphy from a to z by domestika

Meet Bego Viñuela Galarraga, a distinguished artist and the visionary behind Bilbao Calligraphy. 

As a prominent authority in English calligraphy, he boasts a portfolio featuring collaborations with esteemed brands like Vogue. 

Bego’s masterful guidance will enhance your skills in English calligraphy, one letter at a time, using various tools, and nurture your knowledge in calligraphy from scratch. 

This Domestika course welcomes beginners, inviting them to select a phrase or poem for hands-on practice and exploration. 


7. Cake Design: Modern Decorating Techniques

a screenshot of the cake design: modern decorating techniques by domestika

Join Julián Ángel, a renowned international cake design instructor, in this class, where he will guide you in bringing the cake of your dreams to life. 

You’ll explore the art of sketching and master the creation of captivating textures. It is better to have some prior experience in baking, but beginners are more than welcome. 


8. Introduction to Ableton Live

a screenshot of the introduction to ableton live course by domestika

This Domestika course is for all the music enthusiasts out there who are eager to bring out their talent in music. 

This course combines five Domestika Basic classes, led by music producer Cristóbal Saavedra, who is dedicated to assisting you in your journey to create the perfect track. 

Throughout the course, you will become proficient in various aspects of music production, audio editing and recording, using musical instruments, session recording, and the final editing and rendering of your track. 

As a Domestika Basics course, it is designed to cater to beginners, so everyone is welcome to join and learn. 


9. Pattern Making Techniques for Garments

a screenshot of the pattern making techniques for garments course by domestika

Want to learn how to create your very own clothes? Then this is the course for you!

The innovative minds behind Lakoni, Sandra Liberal, and Urko Martinez have initiated this class to guide you to create the dress you have imagined – in reality, at home!

You’ll learn how to replicate patterns and gain proficiency in understanding measurements. 

This is also one of the open courses, which means it is designed for beginners, and you don’t necessarily need any prior experience. However, some sewing knowledge can come in handy. 


10. Script Writing for Movies and Television

a screenshot of the script writing for movies and television course by domestika

Want to be the next Christopher Nolan?

Under the guidance of a renowned scriptwriter, Julio Rojas, this course will equip you with the skills to excel in storytelling. 

You’ll learn how to master plot development, craft a compelling narrative voice, and understand the narrative triangle to ensure your story captivates its audience. 

This class is tailored for aspiring screenwriters, welcoming storytellers from diverse backgrounds and industries. 


11. Start Your First Online Store

a screenshot of the start your first online store course by domestika

Want to kickstart your new online store? 

Learn the intelligent ways of Foncho Ramírez-Corzo to gain all the essential knowledge required to transform your entrepreneurial journey into a successful one. 

Discover the secrets of running a brilliant business concept, crafting a robust business model, identifying your target market, and effectively competing in your industry. 

If you’re prepared to take the next steps in the business world, enroll now! This class warmly welcomes beginners. 

What is the Domestika Basics Course?

Domestika Basics is a comprehensive series of courses tailored for individuals eager to get familiar with software that creative professionals widely use. 

These Domestika courses cover various topics, including Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, AutoCAD, Final Cut Pro, and many more.  The price of each Domestika Basics class varies, with many courses available for as low as $10. 

You can also purchase additional credits and course bundles at discounted rates, where you can access multiple courses in a series for a single payment. (With no future additional fees.)

You also get the option to customize your own bundle to suit your goals, which is awesome. 

The primary purpose of this concept is to allow beginners to learn new skills from scratch. You will learn everything from the basics and eventually advance as you progress. 

Sadly, many courses are in Spanish, but you get subtitles in English. My favorite part of this is its bundling of various courses at significant cost savings. 

How Much Do Domestika Courses Cost?

a screenshot of some domestika popular courses

Curious about the price of Domestika courses? Wait no more. When you compare Domestika with other e-learning platforms, it’s relatively very affordable.

Domestika has a fantastic range of courses, most of which are pretty budget-friendly. In fact, you’ll find that the majority of Domestika courses fall within the range of $10 to $40. (Over 100 courses priced at just $10 each!) 

I mean… If you ask me, that’s just EXTREMELY CHEAP. And here’s the best part: that price includes the certificate. However, there’s a little twist when it comes to purchasing from the website and the app.

You see, Google Play Store and App Store have their own purchasing conditions, so keep in mind that prices vary slightly between these platforms.

But here’s a pro tip: don’t buy courses from the app. If you want to snag exclusive discounts and special offers, the website is the place to be. And they even have some incredible bundle deals, offering 30% to 40% off savings.

This means that if you’re lucky, you could be paying less than $10 for a course!

Domestika Plus Subscription

a screenshot of the domestika plus

Just like you pay a subscription fee to Netflix and Spotify, whether it’s monthly or annually, Domestika also offers a membership plan. You may be wondering why you should pay for a subscription when you can find free courses on Domestika. 

Well, here’s a set of perks and additional resources you get by subscribing to Domestika Plus:

  • 20% bonus savings on courses and bundles.
  • Monthly free Domestika Plus credit that you can use to enroll in any class of your choice. 
  • Access to open courses gives you more opportunities to learn. 
  • Exclusive content and resource access are tailored specifically for you, providing you with updates and information on new courses.
  • Option to purchase additional credits, which can be used to enroll in courses at a reduced price. 
a screenshot of the domestika plus yearly and monthly subscription plans

Monthly Domestika Membership

If you want to explore Domestika and seek greater flexibility, choose a monthly Plus membership for just $9.99. This subscription provides all the identical features offered by the annual membership while also allowing you to cancel anytime.

Annual Domestika Membership

If you’re intrigued by the Domestika courses and wish to maximize their benefits, an annual membership priced at $93.99 is a no-brainer. 

With the annual membership, you’re billed once, and you can save the cost equivalent to the cost of three months compared to a standard monthly Plus membership.

What else can you ask for? It’s all you need!!!


Domestika Gift

a screenshot of the domestika gift a course page

Domestika offers gift cards, known as “Domestika Gifts“. You can purchase courses and course bundles for your loved ones as gift cards. You can choose the course and send it to the recipient, allowing them to redeem it for courses or memberships on Domestika.

Domestika for Business

a screenshot of the domestika for business and its pricings

Domestika offers an EXCEPTIONAL PLATFORM for companies and businesses to enhance teamwork and collaboration. Depending on the number of users you wish to provide access to, you will find various packages that are available. 

Think of it like the Spotify family package, where five users get to share one subscription plan with separate accounts.

On Domestika, you can find packages for up to 50 users.

They provide three different packages:

  • Package with 10 users for $150
  • Package with 20 users for $250
  • Package with 50 users for $550

And what are the BENEFITS you gain?

  • Efficient dashboard and login management.
  • Monitoring and tracking of student progress.
  • Inclusion of certificates upon course completion. 
  • A broad selection of courses to cater to diverse needs. 

Customer Testimonials of Domestika

Now, let’s talk about arguably the most critical part of the review: customer testimonials.

What are the others saying? How are they benefiting from Domestika? You will come across tons of positive feedback from users across the globe. If you ever come across negative reviews, it’s just bluff. 

I will share with you some of the customer reviews that caught my eye for that EXTRA LAYER OF REASSURANCE.

I signed up my first Domestika course as lockdown began. I gifted the course to someone else – the exchange was very easy from Domestika’s side and I chose another for myself. I signed up more courses in illustrations, but for each course I choose I have also had the option to exchange my course and even after having it for a few days. That is not usual, it is very friendly and helpful to know that I don’t have to stay with a course. But returning to the first course my mind was again blown away at how much care, intuition and talent was invested in the course- and finally I want to complete it as well.

So, Jen Alphen talks about how much care, intuition, and talent that was invested in the course and how she gifted a course to a friend quite quickly.

Great service even if “delayed”! I first learned of Domestika through a YouTube ad. Later, an art professor featured Ellen Lupton’s Domestika course on her website. I saw there was a sweet deal on courses, so I seized the opportunity. Now I just need to work in the time to go through the courses. Thankfully they don’t expire and you can go at your own pace.

Bro Luke Kral says that he first found out about Domestika through a YouTube ad and eventually enrolled with Domestika. He also praises Domestika for giving unlimited access to their courses.

Domestika, in my estimation is THE best site for courses in the arts, at a very reasonable cost. They have also proven their honesty in the handling of money issues. Do not be afraid to invest in the courses they offer, as they are excellent.

Sandra Thompson is impressed by the courses Domestika offers and also mentions that it’s the best online learning platform for arts and that it’s very affordable. That said, now let’s talk about the things I like about Domestika.

So keep reading…

What I Liked About Domestika?

Ability to Download Classes

Not everyone has free time to follow classes at a stretch all the time. And sometimes you don’t get access to the internet.

This is why I love the fact that Domestika gives you the convenience of downloading their classes to watch anytime and anywhere—one course at a time, at your own pace.

Flexible Purchase Options and Affordability

Domestika provides you with the freedom to learn how you want. 

Whether you prefer to purchase a class individually or subscribe to Domestika Plus occasionally, this platform accommodates your learning style. 

Domestika’s pricing structure caters to a broad market, particularly with their frequent sales that bring down their regular prices. 

Domestika’s Growing Creative Community 

Domestika’s Creative Community is a fun and diverse network of creative learners who come together on the Domestika platform to connect, share, and collaborate.

The best part about this community is the fact that it comprises individuals from various creative fields, such as design, art, photography, and more.

The Diversity and Adaptability of Domestika’s Offerings

Domestika mainly offers courses in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. And even if you don’t understand the language the lecturer teaches, you can select a preferred language as subtitles. 

This feature opens the door to a more diverse audience and makes adapting to the learning platform easy. 

Creative Professionals Who Are Friendly and Experts in Their Field

Every course on Domestika undergoes rigorous planning, research, and production before being made available for your benefit. 

This ensures that every instructor has earned Domestika’s endorsement as a genuine expert, backed by a wealth of experience, unlike many other platforms that let anyone teach. 

What Could Be Improved?

a screenshot of a sample domestika certificate

Potential Concerns Related to Language and Accessibility

Like I have already mentioned in this article, Domestika was established in Spain, so it’s quite common for many of their instructors to conduct their courses in Spanish.

That said, Domestika has recently begun introducing more English courses for English-speaking learners. Hopefully, all the content will become accessible with English audio in the near future.

However, numerous classes feature English voice-overs (dubbed) and include subtitles in multiple languages. But if you’re someone who can’t rely on both subtitles or the course language, you might miss out on the class altogether.

Even though transcriptions are available for most courses, this situation can still present accessibility concerns for certain students. 

Perks Gained From a Domestika Plus Subscription

When you pay a subscription fee, you’d expect certain perks that separate you from the rest, right? 

In the article above, I’ve talked about the perks you gain by subscribing to Domestika Plus. But the question is, Is it all you can get? Well, if you ask me, I think Domestika can do much better. 

While accessing five classes for $12 per month is much better than purchasing individual courses at a higher cost, I believe there’s room for enhancement in Domestika’s Plus membership. 

It’s not only about the quantity of classes, some might argue, saying quality over quantity. And I agree. 

However, unlike other online learning platforms that grant subscribers unrestricted access to all courses, Domestika imposes limitations, offering just one free credit per month and one open class weekly. 

Is Domestika Worth it?

Well, getting straight to the point. Yes, Domestika is worth it. Duh!

Domestika, for me, stands as THE PREMIER PLATFORM for creatives in the present day. 

You get OUTSTANDING QUALITY courses AND incredibly affordable prices. And not just that, Domestika’s English course catalog is expanding rapidly, making it more inclusive.

With a straight face, how can you ask yourself, “Is Domestika worth it?”

domestika online learning platform
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Domestika Vs. Other Online Learning Platforms (Domestika Alternatives)

In this section of the article, we will look into other prominent online learning platforms in the industry that provide similar services to those of Domestika. Domestika is by far my favorite online learning platform that covers the creative niche.

However, is it genuinely the top choice? Let’s examine how Domestika stacks up against some of the most widely used online learning platforms. 

Domestika Vs. Udemy

Udemy is another top contender in the online learning platform niche that offers a wide range of academic subjects.

Much like Domestika, Udemy follows a model where you pay for each course individually, often at slightly higher prices.

The quality of Udemy courses can vary: some are excellent, while others may fall short of expectations. 

Just like Domestika, Udemy offers one-time purchase options that grant lifetime access to course content.

udemy learning platform logo

However, Udemy has also introduced subscription plans similar to Domestika Plus. 

Notably, Udemy boasts a more extensive collection of courses in English. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that Udemy does not specialize in creative courses. Domestika is likely your go-to online learning platform.

However, if you seek a broader range of academic subjects, Udemy might be the better choice. 

Domestika Vs. Skillshare

Skillshare, an affordable online learning platform, offers a diverse array of courses covering a wide range of academic subjects to support creative skills. 

Subscribing to Skillshare’s membership grants you access to many classes, and they even provide a free trial for experimentation before committing. 

However, this can be less favorable when committing to a one-year upfront membership payment, as no refunds are available after the trial period. 

skillshare learning platform logo

Most of these courses are conducted in English, which is the only thing superior to Domestika. 

Skillshare’s move to a members-only model, offering unlimited access to all the courses, has led to a varied range of course qualities. 

To address this issue, Skillshare curates its own in-house classes, known as “originals,” and designates “staff picks” to aid users in sifting through the content. 

It’s essential to know that Skillshare restricts access to content once your membership expires, unlike Domestika, which gives you lifetime access. 

Domestika Vs Coursera

Coursera, a prominent online learning platform, is renowned for its commitment to providing full bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in specific academic fields.

While these degree programs can be costly, often reaching thousands of dollars, they offer genuine alternatives to traditional on-campus university degrees. 

Unlike Domestika, Coursera’s primary focus is on academic subjects such as engineering, mathematics, programming, and business.

coursera learning platform logo

While not all courses are free of charge, some of them are intensive and come with higher price tags. 

One notable feature of Coursera is its fixed enrollment dates for courses. Although you have the flexibility to access lecture content on your schedule, there are set deadlines for coursework and a defined course completion date. 

Domestika Vs CreativeLive

CreativeLive, in line with its name, specializes in artistic and creative courses, covering a wide range of subjects like photography, art, design, and entrepreneurship. 

In fact, their course selection is possibly even more extensive than Domestika.

CreativeLive primarily delivers its courses in English, making them easily accessible to English-speaking learners. 

One of CreativeLive’s STANDOUT FEATURES is its roster of accomplished experts and creative professionals in various fields, ensuring top-quality instruction. 

creativelive learning platform logo

CreativeLive often hosts free courses and offers individual paid courses. They also provide the option of a Creator Pass subscription, granting users access to all their courses for an annual or monthly membership. 

CreativeLive strongly emphasizes interactive learning, allowing students to ask questions during live broadcasts, enhancing the educational experience. 

It’s worth noting that not all of CreativeLive’s courses are produced in-house, and not all courses include certificates for subscribers. 

Domestika Vs. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning distinguishes itself by offering a vast and diverse array of structured courses encompassing business, technology, creative, and personal development. 

It caters to a broad audience, strongly emphasizing professional development and career advancement. 

Its seamless integration with the LinkedIn professional network sets LinkedIn Learning apart, enabling users to display their completed courses and completion certificates on their LinkedIn profiles and access content tailored to their career objectives. 

Courses on LinkedIn Learning are primarily available in English, ensuring accessibility for English-speaking learners. 

linkedin learning platform logo

In contrast, Domestika is predominantly a Spanish platform with multilingual translations, whereas LinkedIn Learning serves users primarily in English while also providing multilingual translations. 

LinkedIn Learning is committed to high-quality instruction, featuring courses taught by subject matter experts in various fields, ensuring excellence across a wide range of subjects. 

LinkedIn Learning follows a subscription-based model, with annual or monthly membership granting unlimited access to all their courses. 

This stands in contrast to Domestika, where the focus is primarily on individual courses, with the option to subscribe selectively. 

Pros and Cons of Domestika


High-Quality Online Courses: Domestika offers a wide range of creative courses in various creative fields. Experienced professionals teach all the courses.
Multiple Courses: Domestika’s courses are diverse, catering to a wide range of creative skills and interests. From absolute beginners to experienced professionals, Domestika’s courses cater to all types of students.
Interactive Learning: Most domestika courses include interactive elements which encourage engagement and help reinforce learning.
Unlimited Access: Once you purchase a course on Domestika, you have unlimited lifetime access to the course materials. This allows you to revisit the content whenever you need a refresher. 
Creative Community: Domestika has a thriving creative community where you can connect with fellow students and instructors. This can be beneficial for networking and getting feedback on your work. 
High Production Values: Domestika courses are known for their high production values, including well-edited video lessons and professionally designed materials. 
Affordable Pricing: Compared to traditional education or some other online learning platforms, Domestika’s courses are often reasonably priced, making them accessible to a broad audience. 


Limited Course Languages: Domestika primarily offers courses in Spanish and Portuguese (with English subtitles), though they have been expanding their offerings in English. This may limit course availability for English students.  
No University Accreditation: Domestika courses do not typically provide university accreditation or recognized certifications, which may be necessary for those seeking formal credentials.

Other e-learning platforms reviewed:


No, Domestika doesn’t offer a free trial but a free domestic account can be created for browsing and taking free courses.

Yes, Domestika Plus provides certificates of completion for the courses you finish.

Yes, Domestika has a refund policy. You can request a refund within 14 days of the course purchase date, given you have accessed only 25% of the course content and are unsatisfied with the course.

Yes, Domestika courses can be downloaded for offline learning through their app. However, it’s important to note that PC or Mac users cannot download videos.

Yes, you can gift courses of Domestika to your friends and family. Simply click on the “Gift this course” option and enter the recipient’s email address.

Yes, Domestika certificates are valid as a form of recognition for completing a course, but their acceptance depends on the employer or institution considering them. They are more a testament to personal development and skill acquisition rather than formal accreditation.

To become a teacher in Domestika, you need to apply as an instructor on the website and submit a course proposal with your credentials. If accepted, you can start teaching.

Final Thoughts

Domestika is the ideal hub for passionate creatives aiming to elevate their skills. Offering a range of purchasing options, it’s perfect for those who value flexibility. 

As a learning platform, Domestika excels in user-friendliness, offering top-tier courses, excellent choices, and great value for money. 

Overall, Domestika perfectly balances affordability and comprehensive course offerings, spanning a diverse array of topics.

And that’s it! I hope this review has provided you with valuable insights. All the best! 

domestika online learning platform




Overall Score


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High-Quality Online Courses
Affordable Pricing
Creative Community
Unlimited Access
Interactive Learning
High Production Values
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Limited Course Languages
No University Accreditation

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