15 Best Skillshare Classes That You Must Try in 2024

Last Updated on July, 2024

Discovering the right Skillshare class can be a game-changer in your personal and professional growth quest. Skillshare stands out as a beacon for those seeking quality online courses taught by industry experts in the vast sea of online learning platforms.

Skillshare offers diverse classes that cater to various interests, from creative pursuits like graphic design and photography to practical skills such as coding and marketing. 

In this article, we have curated the top 15 best Skillshare classes to help you decide on your next learning field.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your skills or a beginner eager to embark on a new learning journey, these Skillshare courses will inspire, educate, and elevate your expertise. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it. 


15 Best Skillshare Classes By Category 

Here are the best Skillshare classes sorted out by their field of study:

1. Animation: Procreate Animation: Make Fun Gifs & Videos

a screenshot of the Procreate Animation: Make Fun Gifs & Videos  from Skillshare

Instructor: Rich Armstrong.

Course length: 19 lessons (2 hours, 58 minutes). 

Level: Beginner. 

Rich Armstrong, an Amsterdam-based design studio owner and author of “The Perfect 100 Day Project,” has been sharing his expertise on Skillshare since 2015. His classes mainly focus on the fundamental principles of art and animation using Procreate. 

With a friendly teaching style, clear explanations, and precise demonstrations, this class is perfect for beginners starting on animation and people already familiar with Procreate and looking to improve their skills. 

You will grasp the basics of animation, learn to craft and export animations, animate old works, and export GIFS and videos– all achieved conveniently on your iPad. Additionally, the teacher imparts numerous tips and tricks for mastering Procreate. 

Overview: Rich’s Skillshare class earns high praise for its clear explanations and engaging style of teaching. If you want to enjoy learning animation, this is one of the best Skillshare classes and an excellent starting point. It starts your journey and gives you the creative confidence to continue your new hobby.

2. Creative Writing: Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy

a screenshot of the Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy course from Skillshare

Instructor: Jesse Forrest. 

Course length: 17 lessons (1 hour, 2 minutes).

Level: Beginner. 

Jesse Forrest, a prominent Australian copywriter with an impressive portfolio featuring clients like Chanel, Disney, and Sony, shares his expertise in this course. Designed for both the complete beginner and experienced individuals, Jesse’s class guides you in crafting standout copy that attracts attention and transforms website visitors into clients. 

You’ll gain insights into the distinction between copy and content. The teacher provides practical techniques to research, comprehend, and effectively communicate with your target audience. 

The focus extends to writing compelling headlines and calls to action that capture attention and drive action. Jesse also reveals strategies to transform mundane features into irresistible benefits, emphasizing the importance of building trust through three distinct approaches. 

Moreover, he addresses the common challenge of writer’s block by introducing three simple exercises to overcome it. This course is a valuable resource for anyone aiming to enhance their writing skills and make a lasting impact in the digital landscape. 

Overview: Filled with easily applicable practical tips, this creative writing course ensures your product benefits shine in a competitive landscape. Jesse’s thoughtful use of examples, carefully chosen to illustrate key points, resonates well with learners. If you aim to boost website traffic and transform casual browsers into loyal customers, this is one of the best Skillshare classes that provides all the essentials to kickstart your journey.

3. Film & Video: YouTube For Beginners – How To Start & Grow Your Youtube Channel

a screenshot of the YouTube For Beginners – How To Start & Grow Your Youtube Channel course from Skillshare

Instructor: Ali Abdaal. 

Course length: 28 lessons (4 hours and 9 minutes).

Level: Beginner. 

Ali Abdaal, a successful YouTuber with 5.18 million subscribers, podcaster, entrepreneur, and online teacher, has long since practiced as a doctor and is now earning more through his YouTube gig. 

In his Skillshare class, Ali shares insights on scripting, shooting, and editing your first video using a phone, computer, and free editing software. The course covers various aspects, starting with generating ideas for your video content.

Ali guides you through creating and setting up an appealing YouTube channel, emphasizing the importance of scripting, lighting, and shooting professional-quality videos. 

How to build confidence in addressing the camera while ensuring clear sound quality is a key focus of this course. Ali introduces the concept of B-Roll to enhance storytelling and provides a solid understanding of basic video editing. 

Additionally, the course offers valuable insights on audience growth strategies and how to make the YouTube experience enjoyable. Ali encourages upgrading your setup when necessary, ensuring a progressive and fulfilling journey into YouTube content creation. 

Overview: This course has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, making it one of the best Skillshare classes for novices looking to start their YouTube channel.

4. Fine Art: The Art & Science Of Drawing – Basic Skills/Getting Started With Drawing

a screenshot of the The Art & Science Of Drawing – Basic Skills/Getting Started With Drawing course from Skillshare

Instructor: Brent Eviston.

Course length: 16 lessons (4 hours and 21 minutes).

Level: Beginner. 

With over two decades of teaching drawing, Brent Eviston brings his expertise to guide you through the art of drawing.

His Skillshare course is a treasure trove of insights into the drawing process, offering some of the most straightforward and clear instructions. Emphasizing a practical approach, the course encourages learners to complete a task before progressing to the next lesson. 

Brent shares the fundamental understanding that drawing is a skill that can be taught. He guides holding the pencil to delicately ‘sculpt’ your drawings, and covers essential lessons like drawing circles, ovals, lines, and curves. 

Brent’s method involves simplifying any subject into basic shapes for analysis and drawing, extending to capturing birds, plants, and figures on paper. 

Overview: Learners have expressed that the organized practice aspect of this course has allowed them to view drawing as a genuinely learnable skill. While designed for beginners, Brent engages with his students at a higher level, exploring the complexities and subtleties of the drawing learning process. He incorporates potent tools and teaching styles typically found in exclusive art academies, providing an enriching experience for those who start learning the art of drawing, making this one of the best Skillshare classes to take to kickstart your artist career. 

5. Graphic Design: Graphic Design Basics: Core Principals For Visual Design

a screenshot of the Graphic Design Basics: Core Principals For Visual Design course from Skillshare

Instructor: Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Philips. 

Course length: 9 lessons (36 minutes). 

Level: Beginner. 

Ellen and Jennifer, co-directors of the Graphic Design MFA Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), present a concise course on the fundamental principles of graphic design. 

Within this easily digestible learning experience, they cover the five essential design principles: symmetry, scale, framing, hierarchy, and grids. 

The course guides you in identifying and defining these principles, emphasizing the balance and dynamism required when working with symmetry and asymmetry.

Ellen and Jennifer delve into creating tension, energy, and surprise through the use of scale while also mastering three types of framing. 

They teach how to organize information, guide readers through a text using hierarchy, and provide practical insights into crafting a basic grid in Adobe InDesign, highlighting distinctions between web and print grids. 

Furthermore, the course encourages combining these principles and critiquing your work for effectiveness and balance. The aim is to empower students to apply each concept confidently in future graphic design projects. 

Overview: Filled with real-world examples and straightforward demonstrations, this brief class is easy to complete and offers beginners a fantastic entry into graphic design. Additionally, it is a valuable refresher for experienced designers, making it one of the best Skillshare classes for individuals at various skill levels.

6. Illustration: Intro To Procreate: Illustrating On The iPad (Updated For 2023)

a screenshot of the Intro To Procreate: Illustrating On The iPad (Updated For 2023) course from Skillshare

Instructor: Brooke Glaser. 

Course length: 23 lessons (1 hour and 58 minutes). 

Level: Beginner. 

Brooke Glaser, an illustrator renowned for her work in children’s products, greeting cards, and editorials, shares insights into mastering Procreate for digital illustrations in her class. She aims to make the process as easy, enjoyable, and intuitive as drawing on paper.

You’ll develop comfort and confidence in using Procreate, explore canvas settings, and learn three approaches to incorporating reference images into your drawings.

Brooke covers essential tools like color pickers, palettes, brushes, layers, and selections, offering guidance on editing, recoloring, and adding text to your illustration. 

The class also delves into organizing, exporting, and sharing your work, concluding with the valuable skill of creating and sharing time-lapse videos showcasing your artistic process. 

Overview: While Procreate may seem straightforward, its capabilities are extensive. Learners often highlight Brooke’s engaging teaching methods. Her precise and detailed instructions and abundant practical examples stand out, making this one of the best Skillshare courses. Brooke ensures every feature is explained in an accessible manner, allowing even experienced users to discover new and improved techniques. 

7. Music: Learn Guitar: The Complete Beginners Guide

a screenshot of the Learn Guitar: The Complete Beginners Guide course from Skillshare

Instructor: Marc Barnacle. 

Course length: 26 lessons (2 hours and 38 minutes). 

Level: Beginner. 

Marc, a full-time musician with 15 years of teaching experience, brings one of the best Skillshare classes for aspiring guitarists, whether you prefer the electric or acoustic variety.

Beyond just the basics, he aims to instill confidence in a way that motivates you to continue your musical journey. 

You’ll gain new skills to understand the anatomy of your guitar, tune it, and restart it when needed. Marc covers the essentials, including reading chord boxes and various guides and symbols commonly used in guitar playing. 

The course provides a well-rounded foundation, from playing riffs, chords, and scales to mastering strumming patterns. Marc also guides you in playing songs in different styles and takes you on a journey to begin writing your music.

Overview: Students appreciate this course’s ability to provide clear, concise information and make learning the guitar fun. The focus is on understanding the guitar and building confidence to sustain musical exploration. 

8. Photography: iPhone Photography: How To Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone

a screenshot of the iPhone Photography: How To Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone course from Skillshare

Instructor: Dale McManus. 

Course length: 22 lessons (55 minutes). 

Level: Beginner. 

Dale, a seasoned professional photographer, YouTuber, and co-creator of the WANDR travel film company, shares his expertise, which he has accumulated over a decade in the industry, to elevate your digital photography skill set.

Using just an iPhone (or a similar device), natural light, and free software, Dale empowers you to distinguish your photos from the crowd. 

You’ll delve into optimizing your camera settings, capturing stunning photos through effective shot composition and depth creation. Dale guides you in telling visual stories through your photography, emphasizing surrounding light to enhance your subjects. 

The course also covers editing using Lightroom, free software, and imparts numerous professional tips and tricks to refine your photographic prowess. Dale’s approach equips you with the essentials to make your photos stand out. 

Overview: Students rave about Dale’s class for its clear explanations, abundant graphics illustrating the course material, and helpful recap slides at the end of each lesson. Dale’s straightforward style of teaching, coupled with the numerous practical skills, makes this one of the best Skillshare classes to invest your time and money in, especially if you aspire to capture stunning photos or pursue a career in digital photography. 

9. UI/UX Design: Intro To UI/UX For Graphic Designers: Adobe Xd

a screenshot of the Intro To UI/UX For Graphic Designers: Adobe Xd course from Skillshare

Instructor: Maddy Beard. 

Course length: 14 lessons (1 hour and 49 minutes). 

Level: Beginner.

Maddy Beard, a seasoned digital and strategic designer specializing in personal branding, web, and UI/UX design, aims to dispel the notion that studying UI/UX design requires you to spend thousands on classes. 

Her Skillshare class adopts a hands-on approach in under two hours, guiding you through the entire UI/UX process. 

Maddy leads you in defining a problem and applying straightforward techniques like affinity mapping and sketching to address it. She demonstrates setting up an Adobe Xd file and transforming sketches into digital wireframes. 

The course then progresses to designing and prototyping solutions, turning prototypes into videos showcasing the acquired skills. 

Overview: Maddy’s step-by-step guidance provides a practical and accessible way to practice the complete UI/UX process, making this one of the best skillshare courses that provides a comprehensive understanding of these design principles. It provides clear steps, making it ideal for novices while offering tips and tricks for those familiar with the basics and wanting to broaden their horizons. 

10. Web Development: Hand-Code Your First Website: HTML + CSS Basics

a screenshot of the Hand-Code Your First Website: HTML + CSS Basics course from Skillshare

Instructor: Rich Armstrong. 

Course length: 14 lessons (1 hour and 55 minutes).

Level: Beginner. 

With website design and building experience dating back to 2007, Rich Armstrong guides you through creating a straightforward website in this class. 

You’ll learn to choose the right tools, many of which are free, simplifying your process. Rich guides you in writing and structuring content with HTML, styling your site using CSS, and ensuring you back up your code securely.

The course concludes with the practical steps of uploading your website for the world to see. 

Overview: Rich has revamped this class, a revised edition of one of his popular courses, to incorporate software changes and enhance production values, making this one of the best Skillshare courses in this field. Reviewers praised Rich’s enjoyable and engaging teaching approach, appreciating how the course is thoughtfully divided into easily digestible sections. 

11. Business Analytics: Excel For The Real World: Gain The Basic Skills Of Microsoft Excel

a screenshot of the Excel For The Real World: Gain The Basic Skills Of Microsoft Excel course from Skillshare

Instructor: Al Chen. 

Course length: 10 lessons (1 hour and 1 minute). 

Level: Beginner. 

Al Chen, a former financial analyst at Google, has a genuine passion for Excel, and it is reflected in his teaching. His expertise is evident, with over 50,000 online and 5,000 MBA students attending his in-person workshops. 

As the founder of KeyCuts, an Excel training and consulting company catering to Fortune 500 companies, Al is well-versed in using and teaching Excel effectively. 

He shares his extensive knowledge, guiding you to understand the practical applications of Excel. He covers customizing the Ribbon to suit your needs, structuring your Workbook, and formatting data for easy readability and analysis. 

You’ll learn to enter, autofill, select data, and write formulas and functions. Al also delves into listing, filtering, and sorting data, showcasing the powerful capabilities of Paste Special that go beyond the simple copy and paste. 

Overview: In business, data plays a pivotal role in decision-making. If you’re involved in business, having the skill to organize data efficiently for easy analysis is crucial. This class is designed for those who aim to learn how to utilize this powerful tool most efficiently and practically, making this one of the best Skillshare courses on Excel.

12. Freelance & Entrepreneurship: Etsy Launch: How To Open An Etsy Shop Like A Professional Seller

a screenshot of the Etsy Launch: How To Open An Etsy Shop Like A Professional Seller course from Skillshare

Instructor: Tiffany Emery. 

Course length: 15 lessons (1 hour and 58 minutes).

Level: Beginner. 

Six years ago, Tiffany embarked on her Etsy journey, starting a shop from her guest bedroom while holding a full-time job.

Fast forward, her Etsy venture is now valued at seven figures, and what began as a side hustle is now her full-time passion and profession– selling on Etsy and guiding others to do the same.

Tiffany shares insights on creating, how to build a personal brand, and pricing a marketable product. She dives into understanding the Etsy algorithm.

Tiffany emphasizes the advantages of a launch versus a gradual opening and explores the six rules of Etsy Engagement. 

Additionally, the course guides you in creating the most optimized listings for your shoppers and walks you through the setup of your initial listing. 

Overview: The impressive Pre-Launch Workbook is an excellent companion to the class, offering a straightforward guide to establishing a thriving online business. You receive highly actionable tips on the dos and don’ts of launching your shop, making this one of the best Skillshare courses for entrepreneurs looking to start an Etsy store. While being beginner-friendly, the abundance of detailed insights caters to experienced online sellers looking to up their game. 

13. Leadership & Management: Communication Skills For Emerging Leaders: Become More Clear, Concise, & Confident

a screenshot of the Communication Skills For Emerging Leaders: Become More Clear, Concise, & Confident course from Skillshare

Instructor: Alex Lyon. 

Course length: 9 lessons (52 minutes). 

Level: All levels. 

With over 15 years of experience, Alex specializes in communication, teaching it at the college level and conducting workshops for leaders to enhance their communication skills.

As a published author with a growing YouTube channel, he brings his expertise to this practical class, designed to help you develop clear, concise, and confident communication skills in under an hour. 

You’ll gain insights into recognizing factors hindering effective communication and receive tips for transforming ineffective communication into impactful interactions.

Alex guides you in compressing your message to make it concise, utilizing pauses effectively for emphasis, and eliminating filters like “right,” “kind of,” “like,” and “um.” 

The focus extends to achieving a crisp, confident sound and incorporating positive body language. 

Overview: This class earns high praise for its clear instructions and thoughtful structure. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, offering tools for self-reflection and actionable tips for improvement, making it one of the best courses on communication skills.

14. Marketing: Social Media Marketing: Top Tips For Growing Your Followers & Going Viral

a screenshot of the Social Media Marketing: Top Tips For Growing Your Followers & Going Viral course from Skillshare

Instructor: Cat Coquillette. 

Course length: 11 lessons (1 hour and 6 minutes). 

Level: Beginner. 

Running her location-independent creative brand, CatCoq, Cat has global licensing deals with major retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Target, Barnes & Noble, Modcloth, and Nordstrom.

Her extensive portfolio includes features in Forbes, CNN, US Weekly, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, and The New York Post. As a top Skillshare teacher, Cat is well-positioned to deliver this class. 

Cat shares her expertise on strengthening your creative personal brand, how to craft an impactful bio and profile, and finding the best platform for your creative endeavors. You’ll learn strategies to boost engagement, expand your reach, and write perfect posts. 

The course delves into the dos and don’ts of hashtags, techniques to drive sales and traffic to your website, blog, or online shop, and decoding analytics for actionable heights. Additionally, Cat guides you in selecting the best image editing apps. 

Overview: Reviewers praised the class’s excellent pace, emphasizing the efficient and thoughtfully structured delivery. Students noted that the course wastes no time, offering practical tips and tools, making it one of the best courses on Skillshare for social media marketing.

15. Lifestyle: Document Your Life: 4 Methods To Live More Intentionally

a screenshot of the Document Your Life: 4 Methods To Live More Intentionally course from Skillshare

Instructor: Nathaniel Drew. 

Course length: 10 lessons (1 hour and 19 minutes). 

Level: All levels. 

Nathaniel, a highly regarded Skillshare instructor, is a writer, filmmaker, and ‘slow traveler’ who embraces a deliberate and sustainable approach to exploring different places.

He emphasizes immersing himself in the language and culture of his destinations, seeking low-cost and sustainable ways to spend time abroad. 

Nathaniel funds his lifestyle through his online presence, boasting a substantial following of over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. 

He guides you in documenting your life in a way that adds meaning, creating depth to your experiences. The focus is on breaking away from autopilot living and discovering alternative, intentional ways to navigate life.

You’ll gain insights into understanding and selecting the right tools to log your life journey, with options ranging from vlogging and journaling to photography or reporting.

He encourages you to choose the method or combination that best suits your preferences and career goals. 

Overview: Many of us likely have a gallery of random photos and videos on our phones that were taken without much purpose or a follow-up. This is one of the best classes that teaches you the art of mindfully documenting your life and transforming those seemingly random snaps into meaningful treasures worth cherishing. 

How to Find the Best Online Courses on Skillshare?

With over 40,000 Skillshare classes available, it might seem overwhelming to choose where to begin. Luckily, Skillshare has a user-friendly setup to assist you.

When you sign up, a brief quiz helps Skillshare to understand your interests, resulting in a homepage tailored to your preferences. 

Your home page showcases various categories, such as: 

  • “Continue watching” 
  • “My saved classes” 
  • “Recommended for me” 
  • “Staff picks” 
  • “Because you follow…” 
  • “More like…” 

And others, providing relevant suggestions based on your learning journey.

Navigating the main Skillshare disciplines is straightforward, allowing you to explore curated lists of Top Picks, Popular, and Trending Skillshare classes. 

You can also filter Skillshare classes based on criteria like length, popularity, and time frame. This streamlined approach ensures you spend minimal time deciding what to do next, with suggestions consistently aligning with your interests.

Here are the best Skillshare free courses you must try.

Skillshare Subscription Costs

Skillshare offers two membership options: monthly or annual.

They are priced as follows:

  • Monthly subscription: $32. 
  • Annual subscription: $168. 

Once subscribed, you have unlimited access to all the Skillshare classes taught on the platform. You will also receive a 7-day free trial, extending to 30 days here. Refunds are accepted within seven days. 

Comparatively, the annual Skillshare premium membership at $168 translates to only $14 per month, the exact cost as a Netflix plan. 

This affordability becomes even more apparent when considering that individual business courses outside of Skillshare often come with hefty price tags ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

For business teams, Skillshare provides pricing plans tailored to specific needs. Standard business pricing starts at $159 annually, and custom pricing is available for larger business purchases. 

The value for money offered by Skillshare makes it a cost-effective choice for individuals and businesses alike.

If you want a comprehensive guide on Skillshare cost, checkout this guide. Or if you want to know all about Skillshare platform, here’s the guide.

How to Register on Skillshare?

Registering on Skillshare is a straightforward process.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Visit Skillshare and click on the “Sign Up” button. 
  • You’ll be prompted to create an account by providing your email address or using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a password, complete a short quiz to help personalize your learning experience. 
  • You’ll be directed to your curated home page, tailored to your interests.

How to Make the Most of Skillshare Classes?

The Skillshare plan that proves to be the best value is the one that gets utilized. To maximize your investment, engage in as many classes as possible, cultivating a habit of continuous learning.

Identify topics that would enrich your life, creating a wishlist of desired classes. While the upfront cost of an annual Skillshare subscription may seem high initially, viewing the expense in terms of cost per class, day, or week is more effective.

The price per class decreases as you take more classes, making the annual fee of $168 increasingly economical. 

When considering the cost daily, $168 annually is the equivalent of $0.50 per day, a nominal amount easily overlooked. 


Neil Patrick Harris, Olivia Wilde, Kenya Barris, and Ludacris are celebrities on Skillshare.

Skillshare has over 13 million registered users, with almost 38 million course enrollments and 1.1 million reviews. 

The best online learning platforms besides Skillshare are Udemy, Coursera, LearnWorld, edX, and Teachable.

Wrapping Up

There you have it– the best classes you can find on Skillshare. 

By exploring diverse subjects and fostering a commitment to continuous learning, you can harness the full potential of this platform, enhancing your skills and enriching your knowledge in various fields. 

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