13 Best Online Receptionist Courses (Enhance Your Skills)

Last Updated on July, 2024

A receptionist is clients’ first contact when they walk through your doors. First impressions can make or break their perception of the organization.

As a receptionist, you are the glue holding the organization together, which makes it of the utmost importance that you are always on your A-game.

You’re in luck if you want to improve your desk receptionist skills.

There are tons of receptionist training courses that can make you a powerhouse of a receptionist. 

However, with the countless receptionist training programs available, figuring out which course you should go for can be challenging.

This is precisely why I’m here to help! Read on to learn about the 13 best receptionist courses you can take to be the best professional receptionist any organization could dream of!

The 13 Best Online Receptionist Courses

Here are the 13 best receptionist courses you can take to develop the skills necessary to be an amazing receptionist!

1. Become a Corporate Receptionist

a screenshot of the Become A Corporate Receptionist Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Dina Jumabayeva

Content: 15 video lessons

Length: 1 hour and 3 minutes in total.

Cost: $44.99

Dina Jumabayeva is a business professional and coach who gives you a comprehensive crash course on becoming a successful professional receptionist.

This excellent introductory course provides a ton of information on all the skills necessary for being a good receptionist. It’s fun and concise, and you get a certificate upon completing the course. 

This course is perfect for employees who engage with customers and regularly complete administrative tasks.

However, this course only takes a foundational approach to receptionist training as it is very short. It also comes off as more theoretical than practical in its approach. 

Content Covered:

  • What a receptionist’s role entails.
  • Differentiating between the different types of receptionists.
  • How to effectively communicate in person and on the telephone.
  • Improving listening skills and taking messages.
  • How to present yourself professionally.
  • Organizational skills and improving diligence. 


Comprehensive introductory course on receptionist skills.
Fun and concise format.
Provides a certificate upon completion.
Suitable for customer-facing employees.


Short duration limits in-depth training.

2. The Professional Receptionist Training Course

a screenshot of The Professional Receptionist Training Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Magda Hamman

Content: 12 video lessons

Length: 2 hours and 25 minutes in total.

Cost: $64.99

Madga Hamman is a business professional with over 30 years of experience. Rest assured, you’re in good hands here.

This receptionist training course aims to instill you with confidence, greater productivity, and all the necessary skills to be a great receptionist.

Magda Hamman’s teaching is simple, yet effective, and this course is chock-full of practical insights. It covers everything from telephone etiquette to personal style to administrative duties. 

This is a great course for beginners or anyone looking for a refresher.

Content Covered:

  • Understanding all the aspects of a receptionist’s job.
  • Improving your communication skills and telephone etiquette.
  • How to present yourself professionally.
  • Applying for jobs and polishing up your interview skills.
  • How to greet visitors and assist them.


Experienced instructor with 30+ years in business.
Focused on instilling confidence and productivity.
Practical insights and comprehensive content.
Suitable for beginners and those seeking a refresher.


Relatively higher price at $64.99.

3. Basic Secretarial Training Course

a screenshot of the Basic Secretarial Training Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Adele Beukes

Content: 6 video lessons

Length: 39 minutes in total.

Cost: $24.99

Adele Beukes is an educator, motivational speaker, and trainer. In this receptionist training course, she covers all the technical skills and basic knowledge expected of a professional receptionist.

This short and inexpensive training course is perfect for anyone looking for a quick refresher or introduction to the world of receptionists and front desk workers.

Upon completing this course, you will receive a certificate to add to your CV. However, this certificate is not formally accredited.

Content Covered:

  • The basic principles of being a professional receptionist.
  • Answering calls and taking messages.
  • How to present your skills to potential employers.
  • How to land a job as a receptionist. 


Affordable option at $24.99.
Short and quick refresher course.
Instructor is an educator and motivational speaker.
Offers a certificate for your CV.


Limited content with only 6 video lessons.

4. Becoming a Medical Receptionist

a screenshot of the Becoming a Medical Receptionist Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Dina Jumabayeva

Content: 10 video lessons

Length: 1 hour and 7 minutes in total.

Cost: $34.99

Dina Jumabayeva is back at it with another Udemy course, focusing on the skills required to be a medical receptionist.

By the end of this short course, you will learn the basics of medical filing and records and improve your communication skills in the medical field.

This training course for medical receptionists is practical and field-oriented. 

However, it doesn’t come with any additional course material. This is not the most thorough course because of its short time period. 

Regardless, though, this is an excellent course for anyone looking to take up a job in the medical field. It gives a great rundown of health and safety and the specific terminology used in such an environment.

Content Covered:

  • Applying your skills in a different office environment.
  • How to help fill forms, file, and transcribe medical reports.
  • How to communicate effectively with staff and patients.
  • Data management.
  • How to present yourself to potential employers.
  • Managing appointments, with particular attention paid to using computer software.


Focused on medical receptionist skills.
Practical and field-oriented training.
Covers health and safety, medical terminology.
Affordable cost at $34.99.


Lacks additional course materials.

5. Complete Dental Receptionist Training

a screenshot of the Complete Dental Receptionist Training Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Rahul Monga

Content: 52 video lessons

Length: 3 hours and 7 minutes in total.

Cost: $39.99

Rahul Monga is a digital marketer, communications trainer, and dental instructor with experience in creating over 24 online courses. He is also skilled in public speaking and effective communication.

This course is ideal for any person interested in all the administrative outlooks of the dentistry business.

And when I say all the administrative aspects of dentistry- I mean ALL. This course will prepare you to perform front desk duties at all nine types of dental offices, such as endodontists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, etc.

A considerable benefit of this course is that it covers all this information for a very inexpensive price. Such a steal!

The course contains very clear explanations of terms specific to the dental industry delivered to you by an experienced instructor you can trust.

However, this course does not use visual examples or infographics, which can be a downside if you are a visual learner.

There are also no course assessments or quizzes that will help you retain what you’ve learned.

Content Covered:

  • How to conduct the duties of a dental receptionist.
  • Understanding the policies for working in the dental business.
  • How to impress potential employers.
  • Practical skills you need to excel in.


Comprehensive coverage of dental administrative aspects.
Affordable price at $39.99.
Experienced instructor in the dental industry.
Suitable for various types of dental offices.


May not cater to visual learners.

6. Business Skills – Receptionist and Frontline Course

a screenshot of the Business Skills – Receptionist and Frontline Course from Skillshare platform

Platform: Skillshare

Instructor: Chantelle Joubert-Dreyer

Content: 12 video lessons

Length: 1 hour and 12 minutes in total.

Cost: As part of the subscription plan costing $29 per month or $99 annually (around $8.25 per month)

Chantelle Joubert-Dreyer owns two Skills Development Colleges in South Africa. She specializes in soft skills training and the secretarial and office support industries.

This well-structured course has many examples and an engaging instructor, which will significantly aid learning.

This receptionist training course focuses a lot on effective communication and covers the ins and outs of switchboard operation.

It is ideal for anyone who just got a job in a front desk role and is looking to dazzle their employer.

Content Covered:

  • How to create a lasting impression through your image and perform your job criteria to the fullest extent.
  • How to conduct professional communication with clients.
  • Screening calls and taking accurate messages.
  • A rundown on other front desk duties and how to perform them successfully.


Included in a $29/month Skillshare subscription plan.
Engaging instructor with soft skills expertise.
Emphasis on effective communication.
Covers switchboard operation and front desk duties.


Limited to Skillshare subscribers.

7. Hotel Receptionist Certification

a screenshot of the Hotel Receptionist Certification Course from New Skills Academy platform

Platform: New Skills Academy

Content: 16 modules

Length: 10 hours in total

Cost: $120

If you want to start in the hospitality industry, this receptionist training course is perfect!

New Skills Academy is approved by the CPD, and they have excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

This receptionist training course is much longer than most of the other courses on this list, and it is jam-packed with details on hotel reception work. 

It is beneficial as it looks at security and legal issues that come with working in hotel reception, along with the basic skills receptionists should have.

You will receive 24/7 student support with this course. Purchasing it will also give you lifetime access. 

However, it is more pricey than most courses on this list.

Content Covered:

  • Greeting guests, checking them in, and providing standard hotel services.
  • Improving customer service skills.
  • Forming excellent communication skills.
  • Partaking in the upselling of hotel services.
  • Understanding legal issues related to receptionists.


CPD-approved course with positive Trustpilot reviews.
Comprehensive, with 16 modules and 10 hours of content.
Covers security, legal issues, and customer service.
24/7 student support and lifetime access.


Higher price point at $120.

8. Effective Communication in Customer Service

Platform: EdApp

Content: 3 lessons

Cost: Free

Within three lessons, EdApp covers mastering your communication and listening skills to ace the receptionist role.

EdApp is an award-winning mobile learning platform, and you will learn how to interact and engage with customers by asking the right questions and being an active listener.

This course is full of interactive scenarios, making learning fun and entertaining.

Content Covered:

  • What effective office communication is.
  • Mastering active listening.
  • Obstacles to effective active listening.
  • Asking the right questions from customers.


Free of cost.
Interactive scenarios for engaging learning.
Emphasis on communication and active listening skills.
Award-winning mobile learning platform.


May lack depth compared to paid courses.

9. Creating a Positive Customer Experience

a screenshot of the Creating a Positive Customer Experience Course from edapp platform

Platform: EdApp

Content: 5 lessons

Cost: Free

This professional receptionist training course offered by EdApp is a thorough look at how receptionists can improve client relationships and experiences.

Aspiring receptionists will learn how to handle difficult clients and customer complaints, and the proper business etiquette required for a front desk job.

As EdApp is a mobile learning platform, you can have a high-quality learning experience on the go.

Your learning experience will also be gamified, which makes learning business etiquette way more fun and engaging. 

Content Covered:

  • The role of a receptionist in improving customer experience.
  • Impressing customers.
  • Effective communication with customers.
  • The power of body language and posture as a receptionist.


Free of cost.
Covers client relationships, handling complaints, and etiquette.
Mobile learning platform for on-the-go access.
Gamified learning for engagement.
Focus on communication and body language.


Focuses primarily on soft skills.

10. General Receptionist

a screenshot of the General Receptionist Course from Universal Class platform

Platform: Universal Class

Instructor: Linda Zavadil

Content: 12 video lessons

Length: 6 hours in total.

Cost: $120 ($95 if the student does not require a certificate).

Linda Zavadil is a business professional and MA graduate with more than 20 years of experience in customer relations.

In this course, she examines a receptionist’s “ripple effect” on an organization. She discusses developing your skills to work towards your company’s good.

The best thing about this receptionist training course is that you will receive a formally accredited certificate upon completing the course, and you will also receive 0.6 CEUs.

The course also has 20 assignments that will help solidify your learning.

However, it is relatively more costly than the other courses on this list.

Content Covered:

  • How to effectively perform essential skills for a receptionist (such as using office equipment).
  • Making a good first impression.
  • How to direct clients throughout the work day.
  • Setting up and managing appointments. 


Experienced instructor with 20+ years in customer relations.
Focus on the receptionist’s impact on an organization.
Formally accredited certificate with 0.6 CEUs.
Includes 20 assignments for hands-on learning.


Higher cost at $120 ($95 without a certificate).

11. Professional Receptionist Diploma

a screenshot of the Professional Receptionist Diploma Course from John Academy platform

Platform: John Academy

Content: 75 units

Cost: £279

This professional receptionist training course offered by the John Academy is aimed at both beginners to a receptionist role and seasoned individuals.

However, this course is ideal for more experienced receptionists as it dives into all the minute details of a receptionist’s job. For starters, 36 modules thoroughly cover using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint professionally.

This level of detail may be too overwhelming for a newcomer to the job. Therefore, a less extensive course may better suit a beginner receptionist. 

Suppose you are familiar with being a receptionist but want to develop your skill set, impress employers, and further your career. In that case, this course is perfect for you.

This course provides you with an accredited qualification in the UK and internationally.

You must also sit for an online multiple-choice exam at the end of the course. Before the final exam, there is a mock examination you can take, too. This will ensure that you retain all the information you learned.

Content Covered:

  • Different types of receptionists and their roles.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Taking phone calls effectively.
  • Handling confidential documents and other confidentiality guidelines.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint professionally.


Comprehensive with 75 units.
Suitable for both beginners and experienced receptionists.
Covers Microsoft Office proficiency.
Offers an accredited qualification in the UK and internationally.


High cost at £279.

12. Office Admin and Receptionist Course

a screenshot of the Office Admin and Receptionist Course from John Academy platform

Platform: John Academy

Content: 133 units

Cost: £349.99

This intermediate John Academy course is a great pick for beginners, too. It is a very long course, which may seem intimidating to some. However, the structure of the course is straightforward to follow!

You will learn everything you need to know as an office admin through this course, from the everyday duties it entails to how to excel at all of them.

You need to take both a mock exam and a final exam at the end of the course, ensuring that you’ve retained all the information you learned throughout. 

This program will provide you with an accreditation recognized in the UK and internationally. 

Content Covered:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a receptionist.
  • How to make the best possible impression.
  • How to improve essential skills such as diary management, writing business reports, managing petty cash, and handling scheduling software.
  • Using Microsoft Excel.
  • Taking phone calls effectively.


Comprehensive with 133 units.
Suitable for both beginners and intermediates.
Covers various office admin duties.
Offers an accreditation recognized in the UK and internationally.


Higher cost at £349.99.

13. Introduction to Front Office

a screenshot of the Introduction To Front Office Course from typsy platform

Platform: typsy

Instructor: Sofia Barroso Gomez

Content: 10 video lessons

Length: 37 minutes in total

Cost: Available as part of a subscription plan costing $9.99 per month.

Sofia Barroso Gomez has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She was even named International Receptionist of the Year in 2016, so she knows what she’s talking about. 

Working at the front desk in the hospitality sector involves a lot of responsibilities.

These include duties like managing check-ins and check-outs, handling phone calls and luggage, ensuring rooms are ready for guests, using office equipment, and coordinating with different departments.

Other than being taught by an award-winning professional, this course is also endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. 

With this course, you can learn at your own pace, which strongly focuses on improving customer satisfaction.

However, it is shorter than most other courses on this list. 

Content Covered:

  • How the various front desk responsibilities interact.
  • The skills needed to make the best first impression.
  • How to perform front office responsibilities.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Different types of guests you will encounter and their respective traits.
  • Different room and service types.
  • How to respond to customer complaints.


Taught by an award-winning hospitality professional.
Endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.
Affordable at $9.99/month as part of a subscription.
Focus on customer satisfaction and front desk duties.


Short duration of 37 minutes.

What to Look for in Online Receptionist Courses?

Choosing the right online receptionist course can feel impossible with all the options. 

However, here are some things that will help you pick the right course:

  • The instructor: If you are investing in an online course for receptionists, you must ensure that your instructor has prior experience and skill in your relevant field. Suppose you are interested in working in the reception area of the medical industry. In that case, your instructor should be well-versed in that specific sector.
  • Customer service: Customer service plays an essential role in the job of a receptionist. Therefore, the best courses for receptionists should always focus on business etiquette, communication with clients, and maximizing client satisfaction.
  • Skill level and course content: You must ensure that your skill level matches the target skill level of whichever course you pick.
  • Skills to develop: A good receptionist training course should not just help you learn new skills. It should also help you grow your existing skills and confidence levels.
  • Price: You need to place great importance on getting the best value for your money with whichever course you pick. Of course, purchasing a course within your budget is ideal. However, if the course is taught by an award-winning professional in business, paying a little extra could still be worth it. 

What Are the Pros of Taking an Online Receptionist Course?

Here are some of the benefits you can gain from taking professional online receptionist courses:

  • It is a good investment for your career and future.
  • You will learn to build healthy relationships with customers and other employees.
  • You will discover essential knowledge for the corporate sector, such as business etiquette and telephone etiquette.
  • You will benefit from learning transferable skills such as improved communication, time management, professionalism, and confidence.
  • Become proficient in a range of front desk responsibilities.
  • You can learn at your own pace as these are all online courses.

Other course categories you might like:


There are no set qualifications required. Employers typically look for adequate numeracy, literacy, and IT skills, as well as GCSEs or equivalent and related job experience.

The essential skills for a receptionist include strong customer service skills, effective office communication, multitasking abilities, and proficient administration skills. Additionally, they should have the ability to collaborate well with others, possess attention to detail, and perform well under pressure.

Yes, you can improve your customer service skills by taking a receptionist training course! Receptionist courses emphasize the development of customer service skills, a crucial ability for any hopeful receptionist.


Being the first person customers meet when they walk into your business premises can be challenging.

However, taking an online receptionist course can significantly improve your performance in the whole range of front desk responsibilities required of a receptionist. 

There are many inexpensive options that won’t take you a lot of time to complete, so they are the best way to rise up the corporate ladder.

And now that you have a list of the best receptionist courses you can take, nothing can stop you from success in the business world!

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