8 Best Online Excel Courses (For Beginners & Experts)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Are you embarking on a journey to improve your skills in Microsoft Excel? There are many online Excel classes, and navigating through them in search of the best option can be overwhelming. 

Fear not; we’ve got you covered! This article will guide you to the top Microsoft Excel courses available online, offering a concise overview of each online class to help you make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re a beginner aiming to grasp the Excel basics or an advanced Excel user seeking specialized knowledge, the diverse courses covered here cater to various skill levels, including interactive tutorials and comprehensive video lessons to ensure a practical and engaging learning experience. 

Join us as we uncover the best Excel classes available online to empower you with the knowledge to navigate spreadsheets with confidence. 

List of the Best Online Courses on Microsoft Excel

Finding the right course that meets your criteria can be challenging. Here are the top 8 best online courses on Microsoft Excel for you to consider. 

1. Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced

a screenshot of  the "microsoft excel - excel from beginner to advanced" course from udemy online learning platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 257 lectures (21 hours and 4 minutes). 

Standard Price: $84.99.

Level: All Levels. 

This Excel course is perfect for beginners who might not be very familiar with computers. It’s a great starting point for anyone, particularly those unsure about spreadsheet software. 

The instructor takes the time to explain every step and detail of Excel more thoroughly than in other courses. Some reviewers mention that the videos are a bit talkative, but this can benefit those who aren’t tech-savvy. 

The course covers essential skills in Excel, such as basic operations, formulas, and functions.

It also delves into data management, formatting, inserting images, and creating basic charts. Printing, working with templates and lists, data validation, and importing/exporting data are also covered. 

As the course progresses, it moves onto more advanced Excel skills like Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, PowerPivot, and handling large data sets. You’ll learn about conditional, lookup, and text-based functions and auditing and protecting Excel sheets.

Additionally, you get downloadable practice workbooks after every few lectures to reinforce your learning. The course concludes with seven practical projects, including data importing and cleaning with VBA. 


The content is for all levels. 
Lifetime access to plenty of resources.
Very in-depth and detailed explanations. 
Covers essential Excel skills and data management.
Offers practical projects for hands-on learning.


Quite expensive without any deals. 
The videos can sometimes get too wordy for those who prefer direct explanations.

Overview: This course is a comprehensive learning experience for those looking to master Microsoft Excel, especially if you prefer a detailed step-by-step approach. 

2. Excel Skills for Business Specialization

a screenshot of  the "excel skills for business specialization" course from coursera online learning platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by Macquarie University).

Course Length: 3 months at 10 hours a week (107 hours total).

Standard Price: $49.99/mo

Level: All Levels. 

This Microsoft Excel course from Macquarie University is ideal for beginners, especially those with a business focus. It is praised for its thorough and well-organized content, geared explicitly towards practical business applications. 

This 4-course Specialization progresses from basic Excel functions to advanced tools. The primary emphasis is teaching how to effectively use Excel spreadsheets in a business context to extract meaningful insights by summarizing and visualizing data. 

This comprehensive syllabus across four courses includes: 

Course 1: Essentials

  • Introduction to Excel. 
  • Performing calculations. 
  • Formatting data. 
  • Working with data. 
  • Printing spreadsheets. 
  • Charting data. 

Course 2: Intermediate 1 

  • Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks. 
  • Text and date functions. 
  • Named ranges. 
  • Summarizing data. 
  • Tables. 
  • Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and slicers. 

Course 3: Intermediate 2

  • Data validation. 
  • Conditional logic. 
  • Automating lookups. 
  • Formula auditing and protection. 
  • Data modeling. 
  • Recording macros. 

Course 4: Advanced

  • Spreadsheet design and documentation. 
  • Advanced formula techniques. 
  • Data cleaning and preparation. 
  • Financial functions and working with dates. 
  • Advanced Lookup functions. 
  • Building professional dashboards. 


Assessments and homework are challenging, offering practical relevance to real-world scenarios. 
Instructors maintain a good pace.
Ideal for beginners with a business focus.
Well-organized content for practical applications.


The course is lengthy and may not be relevant to those not working in the corporate business sector. 
Mac users might encounter issues, as some reviewers mention inconsistencies in shortcuts and assignment answers. 

Overview: This course requires 3-4 hours of commitment per week and offers many practice quizzes, exercises, and assignments for your learning. Most Excel learners agree that this course is highly beneficial.

3. Intro to Data Analysis Using Excel

a screenshot of  the "Introduction to data analysis using excel" course from coursera online learning platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by Rice University).

Course Length: 4 weeks (approximately 24 hours).

Standard Price: $49.99/mo.

Level: Beginners.

This introductory course, offered by Rice University, provides learners with fundamental skills in data analysis using Excel functions. It is designed for beginners who want to understand the basics of data analysis and how to leverage Excel’s capabilities. 

There are four modules, all of which cover creating spreadsheets and using them to organize data, introducing filtering, Excel Pivot tables and charts, and advanced graphing and charting. 


Good for beginners. 
Includes quizzes and assignments. 
Emphasis on data organization and visualization.


Might be tedious for those with experience with Excel. 
Reviews mention the quizzes being slightly confusing. 

Overview: By the end of this course, participants will build their foundational skills in analyzing data using Excel or improve their data analysis skills. 

4. Visually Effective Excel Dashboards 

a screenshot of  the "visually effective excel dashboards" course from udemy online learning platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 106 lectures (11 hours and 1 minute). 

Standard Price: $84.99.

Level: Beginner. 

Explore data visualization and dashboards with the guidance of Leila Gharani, a professional with 17 years of experience. In this course, Leila simplifies complex raw data, making it actionable. The focus is on crafting interactive and user-friendly dashboards.

You will learn the entire dashboard development process under Leila’s expertise, covering everything from initial concept to final delivery.

The course delves into adding interactive Excel reports without needing VBA, effective decision-making strategies, and utilizing Excel’s core functions for responsive spreadsheets.

Rather than isolated functions, the emphasis is on an integrated approach to creating compelling reports.


Learn lots of tips and tricks. 
Lifetime access to helpful downloadable resources.
Focus on data visualization and interactive dashboards


Some students found the lectures lengthy at times. 
Standard price is relatively high

Overview: This course is noteworthy for its real-world relevance and is shaped by input from financial professionals, ensuring it meets practical needs. Complex topics are broken down into digestible lessons for a practical learning experience. Leila’s teaching balances clear explanations and on-screen demonstrations, making this course on data visualization practical and accessible for students. 

5. Professional Certificate in Excel for Everyone

a screenshot of  the "master data analytics and become an insightful excel professional" course from edx online learning platform

Platform: edX (offered by the University of British Columbia).

Course Length: 5 months (3-5 hours per week). 

Standard Price: $567.

Level: Beginner. 

This course is designed for beginners interested in data analytics and provides a beginner-friendly approach to how to analyze data using Excel.

If you wish to start learning Excel with a focus on how to organize, clean, analyze, and visualize data, this course is an excellent entry point. 

The syllabus is divided into three courses, covering core foundations, data management, and analysis specialization. The content includes Excel fundamentals, numerical data entry, formatting, formulas and functions, basic charts and graphs, and many more. 


Engaging video lectures. 
Offered by the University of British Columbia.


The course is quite expensive without a discount. 
Intermediate learners might find the initial stages boring and repetitive. 

Overview: The instructor brings a high level of engagement to the course videos, explaining concepts fluidly. Completing this program provides a foundational understanding of effective analytics with Excel, which is useful for business analysts and personal projects. 

6. Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Specialization

a screenshot of  the "excel skills for data analytics and visualization specialization" course from edx online learning platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by Macquarie University). 

Course Length: 1 month (10 hours a week).

Standard Price: $49.99/mo

Level: Intermediate. 

This course is ideal for those already acquainted with Excel and keen on delving into data analytics and visualization. This Specialization provides excellent instruction and utilizes a fantastic video style.

The explanations for each concept surpass the norm in clarity and quality. Given its higher level, a prerequisite is a basic familiarity with Excel, as the course content is structured to cover more advanced topics.

The content covers a range of valuable business statistics, from conditional formatting using data visualization, advanced Excel formulas, and Excel’s charting capabilities to creating interactive dashboards using Pivot Tables and charts and many more advanced functions. 


Flexible schedule. 
Affordable price for the amount of content. 
High-quality video instruction.


Learning style might not be for everyone. 
Not suited for beginners. 

Overview: The emphasis throughout this course is on using and visualizing data, which are fundamental skills for a career in data analytics. This course acts as a stepping stone for individuals aiming to strengthen their capabilities in these essential aspects of data-driven professions. 

7. Excel Skills for Business Forecasting Specialization

a screenshot of  the "excel skills for business forecasting specialization" course from edx online learning platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by Macquarie University). 

Course Length: 1 month (10 hours per week). 

Standard Price: $49.99/mo.

Level: Intermediate.

This course is tailored for business owners or individuals in small business management. It zeroes in on business forecasting, offering a valuable skill set for business personnel.

The syllabus covers essential topics for business forecasting, such as time series modules, regression modules, dummy variable regression, seasonal dummy regression, and many more. 


Covers a wide range of topics on business forecasting. 
Affordable price for the amount of content. 
Flexible schedule. 


It has fewer enrollments than other courses, potentially limiting interaction opportunities with fellow students in the forums. 
May not cater to advanced data analysts

Overview: This course encompasses topics commonly found in data science courses, making it a valuable resource for individuals already comfortable with Excel. It serves as a comprehensive guide for enhancing forecasting skills specifically tailored to the context of business operations. 

8. Excel VBA Programming – The Complete Guide

a screenshot of  the "excel VBA programming - the complete guide" course from udemy online learning platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 159 lectures (17 hours and 58 minutes). 

Standard Price: $84.99.

Level: Advanced. 

This course is geared towards advanced Excel users aiming to harness the potential of VBA programming, which unlocks tools for automation and working with data in Excel.

It’s crucial to note that this advanced-level course is recommended for individuals already very comfortable with Excel. 

The course covers various topics such as Excel macros, introduction to the visual basic editor, conditionals and iteration, arrays and functions, debugging techniques, and many more. 


A valuable asset for individuals learning Excel programming. 
Graded assignments. 
The instructor is straightforward and gives good examples. 


Limited to only advanced users. 
Students might encounter some pacing issues. 

Overview: The course structure mirrors that of general programming language courses, ensuring a systematic progression in learning VBA concepts. Notably, the explanations provided in this course are found to be more intuitive compared to other courses in VBA programming, 

What to Look for in an Online Excel Class?

When considering an online Excel class, it’s essential to look out for the following factors. 

Choosing the Right Level

Select a course that caters to your current skill level. Ensure the course aligns with your proficiency, whether you’re a beginner seeking foundational knowledge or an advanced user aiming to refine specific skills like data analytics or VBA programming.

Comprehensive Syllabus

A well-structured course should cover various topics, including Excel fundamentals and possible automation tools like VBA. Check for a logical syllabus, building your knowledge step by step.

Look for practical applications and real-world examples to enhance your understanding and make the learning experience more engaging. 

Instructor Expertise 

Instructors play a crucial role in the learning process. Opt for courses led by experienced instructors who can explain concepts clearly and provide practical insights.

Student reviews and ratings can offer valuable insights into the teaching quality and effectiveness of the course.

Learning Format and Platform Compatibility

Consider the learning format. Courses with hands-on exercises, practice workbooks, and interactive elements can significantly enhance your skills. Check the course platform’s interface and compatibility to ensure a seamless learning experience. 

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find an online Excel class that aligns with your learning goals and maximizes your understanding of this powerful spreadsheet program. 

Advantages of Following an Excel Class Online

Compared to the traditional classroom, online Excel classes have many advantages. Here are some of them. 

Flexible Learning Schedule

One notable advantage is the flexibility it offers in terms of the learning schedule. Online courses allow learners to access materials at their convenience, making it easier to balance learning with other commitments such as work or personal responsibilities. 

Accessible Learning Resources 

Online Excel classes provide easy access to many learning resources, from video tutorials to downloadable practice materials. Learners can access a variety of resources that cater to different styles. 

Self-Paced Progress

These video lessons are all kept at great length, making it EASY for you to WATCH and LEARN from this MasterClass at YOUR OWN PACE!

These courses often offer a self-paced learning environment. Learners can progress through the material at their own speed, allowing for a more personalized and comfortable learning experience.

This is particularly beneficial for individuals with varying learning speeds and preferences. 

Cost-Effective Learning 

Many online Excel classes are cost-effective compared to traditional classroom options. There are often no additional costs for commuting, accommodation, or printed materials.

This makes online learning an affordable option for individuals looking to enhance their skills in Excel without spending so much money. 

Interactive Learning Platforms

Online courses frequently utilize interactive learning platforms. These platforms may include quizzes, discussion forums, and hands-on exercises that enhance engagement and reinforce learning.

The interactive nature of online courses contributes to a more dynamic and effective learning process. 

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Yes, online Excel courses are worth it as they provide benefits in various fields such as accounting, project management, finance, marketing, and technology.

Yes, Excel skills continue to be important and in-demand in various industries.

The time frame varies for each individual, but typically it takes around 18-20 hours to master all of the built-in functions.

Prices for Excel Online Courses typically range from $20 to $500 or more.

Final Note 

With the abundance of choices out there, there is no doubt that you will find the right Excel class that aligns with your goals. Don’t wait around to kickstart your journey of mastering your skills using this spreadsheet tool. 

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