13 Best MasterClass Courses in 2024 (Unleash Your Genius)

Last Updated on July, 2024

In an era where continuous learning is not just a virtue but a necessity, online education platforms have become invaluable resources for expanding knowledge and upskilling.

Among such platforms, MasterClass stands out due to its unique feature of having an unparalleled selection of courses, all taught by awe-inspiring A-listers in their respective fields.

Whether you want to refine your culinary skills, elevate your writing ability, or master the art of negotiation, MasterClass provides an immersive and unique learning experience.

In this article, we have curated a list of the 13 best MasterClass courses that will inspire, educate, and transform your educational journey in whichever field of choice.

The 13 Best MasterClass Courses to Follow 

We have picked 13 of the best MasterClass courses from some of the most sought-after and trending fields currently.

Each of these instructors is known globally and has years of experience and knowledge to offer.

But wait… Are you a newbie to this platform and you just want to know what is MasterClass in the first place? This guide is for you.

1. Gordon Ramsay MasterClass – Cooking

a screenshot of the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass course

Ramsay’s MasterClass is among the best masterclass courses, which gives you an extraordinary opportunity to elevate your cooking skills, cook your own food at home that is of restaurant quality, or develop your career. 

The cooking classes are divided into two segments: Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking I, and Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking II, comprising a total of 8 hours and 34 minutes of high-quality video content in Ramsay’s own kitchen. 

The first segment, with 20 video lessons spanning 3 hours and 54 minutes, covers the basics of cooking courses, while the second segment, with 15 video lessons spanning 4 hours and 14 minutes, covers 12 restaurant-inspired dishes for intuitive cooking.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the essentials of setting up an efficient and functional kitchen for cooking.
  • Gain insights into selecting and utilizing fresh vegetables, herbs, fish, shellfish, beef, lamb, and pork to cook your own food. 
  • Hone your knife skills, a fundamental aspect of any chef’s expertise,
  • Learn various cooking methods, from poaching to making pasta dough and breaking down a whole chicken or fish.
  • Delve into the cooking of Ramsay’s signature dishes, including Beef Wellington, Lobster Ravioli, and Chicken Supreme With Root Vegetables.
  • Explore the science and theory behind great cooking, equipping yourself with continuous improvement in culinary skills.


Ramsay’s approach goes beyond recipes, offering a deep dive into the theory and scientific thinking behind cooking techniques. 
Emphasis on technique rather than just recipes to provide a comprehensive understanding of cooking.
You get to learn cooking from a culinary icon with 16 Michelin stars and a successful global restaurant empire.


The pace and complexity of some dishes may pose challenges for beginners.
The comprehensive nature of this MasterClass course requires time and effort.

About the Instructor

Gordon Ramsay boasts a total of 16 Michelin stars across his restaurants. He owns a global network of 35 restaurants. He learned cooking and was trained under renowned chefs like Marco Pierre White and Albert Roux.

He is known for his television personality on shows like “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Kitchen Nightmares” and “MasterChef”. 

Read more about the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass in our full review and get our best deal here below. You can also check out our honest review of MasterClass platform.

2. Chris Voss MasterClass – The Art Of Negotiation

a screenshot of the Chris Voss MasterClass course

Unlock the art of negotiation, persuasion, and communication with the gripping Chris Voss MasterClass led by a former FBI hostage negotiator.

This business category MasterClass course spans 18 video lessons, totaling 3 hours and 4 minutes, and has earned its title as one of the best MasterClass classes, supported by numerous positive comments by users. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to understand and employ tactical empathy to enhance negotiation skills.
  • Learn the powerful technique of mirroring to build rapport and establish connection.
  • How to master the art of labeling to navigate conversations and understand underlying motivations.
  • How to apply mirroring and labeling through practical tips.
  • How to hone your communication skills with insights into effective delivery.
  • Analyze real-world negotiation scenarios, such as the Chase Manhattan Bank Robbery.
  • Decode the significance of body language and speech patterns in negotiations.
  • Learn to create an illusion of control for strategic advantage.
  • Engage in a simulated negotiation scenario with a teenager.
  • Explore the value of the accusations audit in negotiations.
  • Understand the power and significance of the word “no” in negotiation.
  • Navigate a mock negotiation scenario involving a rival party.
  • Discover techniques to bend reality and shape negotiation outcomes.
  • Develop effective bargaining strategies for successful negotiations.
  • Engage in a simulated negotiation for salary discussions.
  • Learn to identify and navigate unexpected elements or “Black Swans” in negotiations.
  • Confront a high-stakes negotiation scenario.


Chris Voss teaches through insights from real-life negotiations, including high-stakes scenarios.
You will learn to apply techniques through practical exercises for hands-on learning.
You will learn to enhance communication skills with a focus on effective delivery, which applies to everyday life.


Chris Voss’s MasterClass is comprehensive and requires dedicated time and focus.

About The Instructor

Voss spent 24 years with the FBI and participated in over 150 international hostage cases, including the TWA Flight 800 catastrophe and the first hostage surrender in the Chase Manhattan bank robbery. 

He also served as a SWAT officer and volunteer suicide hotline worker and eventually became the lead international kidnapping negotiator.

He is the author of “Never Split the Difference”, who shares his negotiation tactics and insights. He owns “the Black Swan Group”, a company that offers training and consulting services to businesses and individuals. 

3. Richard Branson MasterClass – Disruptive Entrepreneurship

a screenshot of the Richard Branson MasterClass course

Understand disruptive entrepreneurship with the legendary Richard Branson, the visionary founder of the Virgin Group and space tourism pioneer. 

In his MasterClass of 13 video lessons spanning 2 hours and 24 minutes, Branson shares the secrets of his success, guiding you through the unconventional path of building a successful business empire by disruptive entrepreneurship, solving problems, and pursuing seemingly impossible goals.

This is a super fun class where he teaches how to follow your heart, lean into your fears, and achieve liftoff in the dynamic world of self-made entrepreneurship. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and venture into exciting opportunities.
  • Explore Branson’s unconventional journey into the music sector, breaking norms and creating success.
  • Learn the art of using frustrations as a catalyst.
  • Uncover strategies to challenge industry giants and emerge as a disruptive force.
  • How to embrace a problem-solving mindset and learn to overcome challenges with determination.
  • Gain insights into innovative recruitment strategies, including Branson’s approach of ditching CVs for situational, test-type assessments.
  • Learn the importance of teamwork and bringing value to your team for collective success.
  • Develop level-headed problem-solving skills, emphasizing the power of deep listening and effective note-taking.
  • Explore the significance of firsthand experience in perfecting the customer experience, using Bransons’s space flight venture as a case study.
  • Understand the concept of self-awareness and personal boundaries in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Understand a case study illustrating Bransons’s approach to collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Embrace Branson’s philosophy of infusing fun and laughter into every aspect of your business for sustained success.


You have the opportunity to learn from a pioneering entrepreneur with a track record of disrupting industries.
Explore real-world examples, including Branson’s space flight venture. 
Gain unconventional yet effective strategies for recruiting great talent.


With a class length of 2 hours and 24 minutes, this MasterClass course may provide a condensed overview of Branson’s vast entrepreneurial experiences.

About the Instructor

Richard Branson owns Virgin Group, which encompasses hundreds of companies in over 50 countries. He first founded Virgin Records, then Virgin Atlantic Airways, and expanded into diverse sectors like mobile phone services, space tourism, and healthcare.

Branson thrives on pushing boundaries and venturing into the unknown. He encourages others to challenge themselves, dream big, and face their fears with courage and enthusiasm. 

4. Jon Kabat-Zinn MasterClass – Mindfulness And Meditation

a screenshot of the Jon Kabat-Zinn MasterClass course

This MasterClass is a transformative journey towards enhanced well-being with Jon Kabat-Zinn, the esteemed former professor of medicine and pioneer in mindfulness and meditation.

In this insightful MasterClass, spanning 20 video lessons over 6 hours and 30 minutes, Kabat-Zinn shares his profound insights and practical tips in the categories of wellness, home & lifestyle, covering mindfulness, meditation, personal care, fitness, and physical well-being.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the foundations and principles of mindfulness.
  • Explore the attitudes that form the basis of a mindful practice.
  • Learn the essentials of meditation techniques.
  • Experience guided meditation sessions focused on grounding, awareness, kindness, and acceptance.
  • Gain insights into managing thoughts during meditation.
  • Explore effective postures for meditation.
  • Understand the relationship between mindfulness and stress management.
  • Explore mindfulness in the context of pain and suffering.
  • Integrate mindfulness into physical well-being through mindful Hatha Yoga.
  • Discover practices aimed at reclaiming holistic well-being.
  • Explore the potential of mindfulness in contributing to global healing.
  • Learn strategies for sustaining a consistent mindfulness practice.


Jon Kabat-Zinn, regarded as the godfather of modern mindfulness, delivers the course firmly rooted in scientific thinking, ensuring credibility and effectiveness.
This MasterClass course is well-structured, with lessons building upon and supporting each other, providing a seamless and engaging learning experience. 
Kabat-Zinn strikes a harmonious balance between theoretical understanding and practical application, facilitating a holistic approach to mindfulness and meditation.
The course is reported to be highly effective, offering a massive feel-good factor for those who commit to the practice.


The class demands a significant time commitment, requiring participants to invest dedicated hours in the training process.
While the content is rich, this class could benefit from additional visual elements or footage to break up presentations and enhance engagement.

About The Instructor

In 1979, Kabat-Zin founded the Stress Reduction Clinic at UMass Medical School, offering a special Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, which is widely used today in hospitals, clinics, and even businesses.

He is the author of several best-sellers like “Full Catastrophe Living” and “Wherever You Go, There You Are,” which explains mindfulness practices and their benefits in an engaging and accessible manner.

He is also a sought-after speaker who delivers lectures and workshops around the world to spread awareness about mindfulness.

5. Chris Dixon, Changpeng Zhao, Emilie Choi & Paul Krugman – Crypto And The Blockchain

a screenshot of the Chris Dixon, Changpeng Zhao, Emilie Choi & Paul Krugman MasterClass course

A team of noted experts who have played pivotal roles in shaping the conversation around cryptocurrency will take you through this MasterClass. 

From the basics of blockchain to the intricacies of Web3, this MasterClass offers a comprehensive exploration led by a16z crypto founder Chris Dixon, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Coinbase president Emilie Choi, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman.

What You Will Learn

  • The history of crypto traces back to the launch of Bitcoin in 2009.
  • Explore the concepts of decentralization and freedom, and the possibilities they unlock in the world of finance.
  • Engage in a critical examination of the foundations of decentralization.
  • Listen to insightful conversations explaining the potential challenges of crypto.
  • Understand the evolution of blockchain technology and its pivotal role in the crypto ecosystem.
  • Explore the principles of Web3, emphasizing the ability to read, write, and own within this decentralized framework.
  • Understand best practices for entrepreneurs.
  • Examine the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
  • Unpack the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their impact on the creation and ownership of digital goods.
  • Explore the concept of stablecoins and understand their stability in the crypto market.
  • Understand factors contributing to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Explore potential risks and dangers investors may face.
  • Understand the importance of regulatory measures in the crypto space.
  • Explore the potential developments and trends in the future of crypto. 


You have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and experts with years of experience.
This MasterClass course explores a wide range of topics, from the basics of crypto to future trends and innovations.
Benefit from in-depth conversations and debates, providing a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the crypto space.


This class contains a high proportion of complicated topics and deep dive analyses that require substantial time and effort.

About the Instructors

Chris Dixon is the founder of a16z Crypto, a dedicated crypto investment fund that invests in prominent blockchain companies like Coinbase and UniSwap.

He made the Forbes Midas List in 2022 for the top global technology investor for his successful bets on crypto companies like Coinbase and Soylent.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao came from humble beginnings in China but went on to found Binance, which became the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

Emilie Choi is currently the CEO of Coinbase, a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency.

Paul Krugman received a Nobel prize in 2008 for his groundbreaking work on International Trade Patterns And Economic Geography. He has also served as an economic advisor to world leaders and is a prolific author. 

6. Paul Krugman MasterClass – Economics and Society

a screenshot of the Paul Krugman MasterClass course

Paul Krugman offers another comprehensive MasterClass on economics and society. While Krugman may not be a household name, this course has the potential to reshape your perspective of the world.

Offering a rare opportunity to glean insights from historical events over the last 50 years, Krugman guides you with the expertise of his distinguished economic mind.

Whether you’re a casual learner seeking decision-making skills or an aspiring economist aiming to learn, this course provides valuable knowledge and a major paradigm shift.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the foundational principles that define the field of economics.
  • Explore the evolution of economic thoughts over time.
  • Grasp macroeconomic concepts, including the role of the Federal Reserve and the IS-LM model.
  • Gain insights into the events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Understand the economic theories behind crises and explore potential solutions to crises.
  • Analyze the growing wealth gap in society.
  • Examine societal divisions influenced by economic inequality.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the tax debate and its economic implications.
  • Identify challenges in the healthcare system and understand potential economic solutions to healthcare challenges.
  • Analyze the impact of hyperglobalization on the world economy. 
  • Understand the economic implications of China’s disruptive growth.
  • Explore the role of economic geography in shaping global dynamics.
  • Understand how to write effectively and communicate economic ideas.


You learn from one of the world’s most influential economists.
Krugman’s warm and accessible teaching style makes complex concepts relatable.
The effective use of analogy and storytelling makes for a compelling learning experience.
It offers a structured framework for understanding major societal issues.


Krugman tends to favor a liberal view of economics and is biased toward the US economy.
The course is built upon the pre-COVID-19 economic situation and, therefore, could benefit from a bonus chapter discussing the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

About The Instructor

Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, has held professorships at prestigious universities, authored 27 books, and stands as one of the most influential economists globally. 

His groundbreaking “New Trade Theory” challenged traditional models, explaining why some countries specialize in certain goods and services, impacting global trade dynamics. 

He was also a part of the US Presidential Council of Economic Advisers, lending his expertise to make policy decisions.

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7. Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass – Writing

a screenshot of the Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass course

Renowned storyteller and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell explains the art of crafting captivating stories in this MasterClass. This is one of the best MasterClass courses for writing available that many users have benefited from. 

Known for turning ordinary subjects into gateways for understanding complex ideas, Gladwell shares his expertise in distilling big ideas into simple and powerful narratives. 

With a focus on non-fiction and journalism, this MasterClass takes you through 24 video lessons, spanning 4 hours and 54 minutes, where you will learn how to structure narratives, engage readers, conduct effective research and create compelling characters.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the narrative structure and its role in captivating storytelling.
  • Understand the technical aspects of how to engage and hold the attention of your readers.
  • Learn the art of controlling information flow and how to hold the attention of your readers.
  • Learn how to carry out effective research to enrich your storytelling with depth and authenticity.
  • Understanding the crucial process of selecting the right story for your message effectively.
  • Uncover strategies for developing a story.
  • Master the skill of conducting impactful interviews to gather essential insights.
  • Learn the art of creating vivid character descriptions that resonate with readers.
  • Explore techniques to build immersive worlds around your characters.
  • Analyze a case study on character development in “The Pitchman”.
  • Understand the use of jargon and specialized language in storytelling.
  • Explore the nuances of tone and voice in conveying your narrative.
  • Learn how to infuse humor and melancholy to evoke emotions in your readers.
  • Analyze the use of language and emotion in the case study of “Something Borrowed.”
  • Master the art of crafting compelling and intriguing titles for your stories.
  • Understand the importance of drafts and revisions in storytelling.
  • Gain insights into the practical aspects of working as a writer in the industry.
  • Develop effective reading habits to enhance your writing skills.
  • Explore the works of influential writers and authors to enrich your understanding.


Malcolm Gladwell has years of experience in the field, and all the content is of top quality.
The course analyzes real-world case studies to understand practical applications of storytelling techniques.
You can learn the realities of working as a writer in the industry.


The class is primarily focused on non-fiction and journalism, potentially limiting its applicability to other writing genres.

About The Instructor

Gladwell has written five New York Times bestsellers, including the iconic “Blink” and “The Tipping Point”. He hosts a popular podcast, “Revisionist History”, which revisits historical events with fresh perspectives and challenges conventional narratives.

8. Alicia Keys MasterClass – Songwriting And Producing

a screenshot of the Alicia Keys MasterClass course

Alicia Keys, one of the world’s most beloved singer-songwriters, opens the doors to her studio in the Alicia Keys MasterClass on Songwriting and Producing. 

With over 40 million albums sold, she shares her profound insights and techniques for creating music steeped in authentic emotion.

In this captivating class of 19 video lessons spanning 3 hours and 22 minutes, Alicia Keys guides you through her process of writing lyrics, crafting melodies, and exploring sonics, offering a pathway to discovering music.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain insights into Alicia Keys’ musical foundation and the influences that shaped her unique sound.
  • Understand the importance of beginning the creative process with melody and lyrics.
  • Explore the artistry and techniques employed by Alicia Keys in her role as a songwriter.
  • Learn how to seamlessly bring together various musical elements to create a cohesive piece. 
  • Discover the significance of connecting with the world around you to infuse authenticity into your music.
  • Delve into the power of empathy in the songwriting process.
  • Explore Alicia Key’s role as a producer and the insights she brings to the production process.
  • Master the art of crafting compelling vocal arrangements.
  • Learn techniques to build energy and emotion while recording vocals.
  • Explore retro-futuristic sounds that define Alicia’s music.
  • Understand the alchemy that happens in the control room during the production process.
  • Discover the instruments and techniques used to enhance and amplify your sound.
  • Learn the dynamics of creative collaboration in the music industry.
  • Understand the importance of sisterhood and support in music.
  • Embrace the ethos of continuous learning in the ever-evolving music industry.


You will benefit from the expertise of Alicia Keys, a highly decorated and influential artist.
The course covers a wide range of topics, from songwriting and production to vocal arrangements and creative collaboration.
You can get inspiration from a real-world case study featuring a rising artist, Joy Nesbit.
More than simply the process of songwriting, Keys also provides a transformative understanding of the power of empathy in the songwriting process.


The class primarily revolves around Alicia Keys’s style of music, potentially limiting its applicability to diverse genres.

About The Instructor

Alicia Keys was a music prodigy, releasing her first global hit, “Fallin’”, at 16 years of age. She currently is the proud recipient of 15 Grammy awards and has sold over 40 million albums. 

She owns AK, a production company, and Keys Soulcare, a skincare line. She also co-founded an HIV/AIDS organization to provide life-saving medication to children in Africa and India. 

She is not just a musician but a multifaceted artist, social justice advocate, and entrepreneur who continues to inspire and break barriers with her creative expression.

9. Helen Mirren MasterClass – Acting

a screenshot of the Helen Mirren MasterClass course

Helen Mirren’s MasterClass takes you deep into the world of acting, where she imparts the wisdom and techniques she has honed through her illustrious international career.

In this comprehensive class, spanning 28 video lessons (6 hours and 17 minutes), Mirren delves into the art and craft of acting with a focus on stage and film.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore Helen Mirren’s personal stories in the world of theater.
  • Gain insights into Mirren’s evolution as a theater actress.
  • Delve into the intricate process of selecting roles that align with your artistic goals and capabilities.
  • Acquire the skills to effectively break down a script, understanding its nuances and layers.
  • Engage with the timeless art of Shakespeare’s acting.
  • Learn techniques to connect with and find authenticity in the characters you portray.
  • Understand the importance of research in developing fictional characters and grounding them into reality.
  • Explore the nuances of researching and embodying real-life characters with authenticity.
  • Uncover the role of costume in character creation.
  • Delve into the transformative elements of hair and makeup.
  • Explore the intricacies of human behavior and its role in authentic and compelling performances.
  • Understand the nuances of film acting techniques.
  • Analyze a case study of Helen Mirren’s performance in “Prime Suspect” to glean insights into her approach.
  • Delve into the case study of “The Queen” to understand Mirren’s approach to portraying this iconic character.
  • Understand the importance of the set environment in enhancing character portrayal. 
  • Explore the significance of props in bringing depth and authenticity to performances.
  • Gain insights into the collaborative process of working with writers and directors in the acting industry.


You will benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge shared by Helen Mirren, an Academy Award-winning actress.
Enjoy a comprehensive exploration of acting techniques, encompassing both stage and film.
Access a valuable workbook that complements the lessons and enhances the learning experience.


The class may touch on abstract concepts, requiring careful consideration by learners for proper understanding.
The class lacks specific sessions focused on group acting workshops, limiting collaborative learning opportunities. 

About The Instructor

Helen Mirren is known globally for an admirable acting portfolio consisting of a diverse range of roles. 

She has achieved the coveted Triple Crown by winning an Academy Award, a Tony, and an Emmy. Her trophy cabinet boasts four BAFTA awards, three Golden Globe Awards, five Emmy Awards, and countless other recognitions.

10. Shonda Rhimes MasterClass – Screenwriting

a screenshot of the Shonda Rhimes MasterClass course

This MasterClass dives into the world of television screenwriting with the prolific and accomplished Shonda Rhimes, creator and producer of some of TV’s biggest hits.

With 30 video lessons spanning 6 hours and 25 minutes, this MasterClass takes you on an immersive exploration of the art and craft of TV writing.

What You Will Learn 

  • Lay the foundation for your TV writing journey, acquiring essential insights and skills to navigate the craft.
  • Uncover the process of discovering compelling ideas that form the basis of successful TV shows.
  • Dive into the crucial stage of concept development.
  • Learn the art of thorough research to infuse authenticity and depth into your storytelling.
  • Delve into the intricacies of crafting memorable characters that resonate with audiences. 
  • Master the art of pitching your TV show idea with confidence.
  • Understand the fundamental structure that underlies compelling TV scripts.
  • Gain insights into the creative process of translating ideas into a cohesive and engaging script.
  • Develop effective writing habits to enhance productivity and creativity in your writing journey.
  • Explore the intricacies of writing a pilot episode.
  • Learning the art of crafting authentic and impactful dialogue that brings characters to life.
  • Case study of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Case study of Scandal Pilot.
  • Master the art of script editing, refining, and polishing your work to perfection. 
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of writing beyond the pilot to sustain a successful series.
  • Gain practical insights into breaking into the competitive TV writing industry.
  • Understand the dynamics and collaborative nature of working in a writers’ room.
  • Gain a realistic perspective on the life of a TV writer, understanding the demands and rewards of the profession.
  • Explore Shonda Rhimes’s journey in the world of TV writing, gaining inspiration from her experience.


You have access to original pilot scripts, pitch notes, and series bibles from Shonda’s shows, enhancing your learning experience.
You can enjoy a diverse range of lessons covering every aspect of TV screenwriting, with engaging and informative content.


The class may lack some hands-on interaction with a writer’s room, potentially making the collaborative aspect feel distant.
Some lessons are focused on specific case studies, which may limit their general applicability to various writing contexts.

About The Instructor

Shonda Rhimes is the first African-American woman to create a top-rated network drama, “Grey’s Anatomy”. She created the political thriller “Scandal” and also served as the executive producer of the ABC thriller series “How to Get Away with Murder”, “Bridgerton”, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”, and “Inventing Anna”.

Rhimes was named among the 100 most influential people in the world in the Time 100. 

11. Lewis Hamilton MasterClass – Winning Mindset

a screenshot of the Lewis Hamilton MasterClass course

Lewis Hamilton, the unparalleled force in the world of Formula 1, stands as the most successful driver in the history of this sport. Beyond the racetrack, Hamilton is not just a champion; he’s a mentor, motivator, and guide, sharing the profound lessons he’s learned on his journey to greatness.

The lesson is 4 hours and 58 minutes long.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to ignite and sustain your passion, drawing inspiration from Hamilton’s unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Explore the profound impact of influences and inspiration, learning how to harness their power to fuel your journey toward greatness.
  • Gain insights into the synergy between man and machine, drawing parallels between Hamilton’s mastery of his racing car.
  • Navigate the inevitable setbacks with resilience as Hamilton shares his strategies for turning failures into stepping stones toward success.
  • Learn the art of building trust and fostering teamwork, essential elements that contribute to triumph both on and off the racetrack.
  • Unlock the key to self-discipline, a trait integral to Hamilton’s success, and discover how it can be a driving force in your personal and professional life.
  • Delve into the realm of physical optimization, understanding how to elevate your body’s performance for peak efficiency. 
  • Master the art of mental preparation, gaining insights into Hamilton’s mindset strategies that contribute to his unparalleled success.
  • Embrace diverse interests as a source of strength.
  • Extend your impact beyond personal achievements, learning how to influence and inspire positive change on a broader scale.


Learn from one of the best Formula 1 drivers, gaining insights and strategies from someone who has achieved unparalleled success in the field.
Lewis Hamilton extends his teachings beyond the racetrack, providing valuable life lessons applicable to personal and professional development.
The MasterClass covers a wide range of topics including passion, influences, teamwork, self-discipline, and physical and mental preparation. 
The MasterClass is presented in concise and engaging lessons, making it accessible for learners of all levels and backgrounds.


While efforts are likely made to cater to various knowledge levels, there might be an assumption of some familiarity with Formula 1 or racing terminology. 

About The Instructor

Tied with Michael Schumacher, Hamilton boasts the highest number of F1 world championships. He holds the F1 records for most wins (103), pole positions (104), and podium finishes (197). 

12. Brandon McMillan MasterClass – Dog Training

a screenshot of the Brandon McMillan MasterClass course

This MasterClass spans 15 video lessons totaling 2 hours and 58 minutes; McMillan shares his expert insights on building trust, effective communication, and fostering a harmonious bond with your dog. 

From understanding the unique variables that shape each dog’s individuality to mastering essential commands and addressing common behavioral challenges, this course is a valuable resource for dog enthusiasts.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the unique variables that make your dog an individual, allowing you to tailor training methods to its specific needs.
  • Lay the foundation for a strong bond with your dog, establishing trust and groundwork that is essential for effective training.
  • Master the seven common commands that form the foundation of a well-behaved and obedient canine companion.
  • Learn effective communication through signaling commands and essential leash techniques for better control.
  • Dive into specific commands. 
  • Tackle common behavioral problems.


The training system has demonstrated success, providing tangible results for both the learner and their canine companion.
The course is well-organized, following a logical progression that builds upon foundational concepts. 
Strikes a great balance between theoretical understanding and practical application, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.
The teaching style is engaging and effective.
The inclusion of various canine students of different breeds, sizes, and temperaments.
Important points and key takeaways are emphasized.


The course may be more geared towards early-stage training.
Certain problem behaviors may not be fully addressed, and learners seeking solutions for specific issues might need additional resources.

About The Instructor

Brandon McMillan is an American television personality, animal trainer, author, and television producer best known for his role as former host and trainer on the television series Lucky Dog on CBS. 

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13. Bob Iger MasterClass – Business Strategy and Leadership

From the dynamic world of business and entertainment, Disney CEO Bob Iger teaches business strategy and inclusive leadership. In his MasterClass, Iger draws from 45 years of unparalleled experience in business leadership, guiding one of the world’s most beloved brands through unprecedented success and transformative acquisitions.

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies for optimizing time management.
  • Insights into maintaining focus and strategic thinking.
  • Analysis of the Pixar acquisition, exploring strategic decisions.
  • Fundamental principles and tactics for successful negotiation.
  • Understanding the essentials of brand creation and enhancement.
  • In-depth examination of Marvel acquisition and its impact.
  • Disney+ case study.
  • Core principles for achieving long-term success.


Learn from a titan in the entertainment industry.
Structured curriculum with cinematic-quality footage.
Practical insights apply to business leaders and professionals.


Relatively short course duration.
Primarily focused on the creative industries.

About The Instructor

Bob Iger is the man who steered Disney through a transformative era, overseeing blockbuster acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox. He even understood the potential of launching Disney+. 

Other Notable MasterClass Courses

Here are a few more notable mentions of the best masterclass courses we couldn’t mention on our list.

How to Choose the Best MasterClass Courses for You?

Start by identifying your areas of interest and passion. There is a diverse range of MasterClass classes in various categories, including arts, business, writing, cooking, and more.

Check the respective MasterClass review. Assess the list of instructors and their credentials. Choose an instructor whose expertise and teaching style resonate with you. Consider their experience in the field and whether they align with your learning goals.

Check if there are specific skills or knowledge areas mentioned in the MasterClass course description that match your objectives.

Analyze MasterClass reviews of others who have taken the course to get insights into the instructor’s teaching style, the depth of content, and the overall learning experience.

Check the class description and ensure that the course format suits your learning preferences and fits your schedule.

MasterClass operates on a subscription model. Consider your budget and whether the subscription fee aligns with the value you expect to gain from the course.

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How Does MasterClass Work?

Subscription Plans

There are three subscription plans:

  • Individual: Single-user plan with access to all MasterClass classes.
  • Duo: Allows two users to access the platform simultaneously on separate devices.
  • Family: Supports up to six users accessing the platform simultaneously on separate devices.

The individual plan does not allow users to download MasterClass classes for offline viewing, but Duo and Family plans do.

Exploring MasterClass

  • 30-day exploration period to assess the platform.
  • No quibble money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Content Overview

  • 190+ MasterClass classes across 11 topics.
  • Each MasterClass includes downloadable instructor’s guides with assignments, additional information, suggested readings, and relevant resources.

MasterClass Structure

  • Pre-recorded, self-paced lessons.
  • Approximately 20 lessons per MasterClass, lasting around 10 minutes each.
  • Learn at your own pace, accessible on computers, TVs, phones, or tablets.

MasterClass Sessions

  • Time-bound Masterclass classes taken with a cohort of fellow students.
  • Hands-on, project-based format.
  • Engagement with peers and feedback from teaching assistants.

How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

How to Register on MasterClass?

  • Go to the official MasterClass website.
  • Browse through available MasterClass classes and explore the diverse range of topics and instructors.
  • Choose the MasterClass you’re interested in. Click on the class to see more details about the instructor and the content covered.
  • Once you’ve chosen a class, click on “Get Started”.
  • Select the subscription plan that suits your preferences- Individual, Duo, or Family.
  • If you’re a new user, create an account. Provide a valid email address and create a password. You can also sign up using your Google account or Facebook credentials.
  • Enter your payment details. MasterClass typically bills annually, so ensure that you’re comfortable with the selected plan’s pricing structure.
  • Review your order summary, including the selected class and subscription plan. If everything is satisfactory, proceed to complete the purchase.
  • After successfully registering and purchasing a subscription, you gain MasterClass membership, and you can start exploring your chosen MasterClass on any device.

The Pros and Cons of MasterClass

Here are all the pros and cons of MasterClass for you to consider before making a decision.


MasterClass offers courses taught by top professionals with well-proven resumes in their respective fields.
The reasonably priced one-year MasterClass membership offers a wealth of opportunities to acquire new skills and gain inspiration for diverse subjects.
A wide range of topics, with certain fields like writing and music have multiple MasterClass classes available, providing a comprehensive learning experience.
The high-quality production of MasterClass videos ensures an enjoyable learning experience, effectively combining education and entertainment.


The effectiveness of the MasterClass course varies, as not all experts possess the ability to teach engagingly despite their credentials.
Some MasterClass courses primarily serve as “Celebrity Classes” to boost the instructor’s profile rather than being genuine efforts to share valuable knowledge.
MasterClass does not issue certificates upon course completion, which is a drawback if you are seeking formal recognition.
Certain topics are inadequately covered or removed altogether, like finance, computer science, etc.


The highest-rated Masterclass often includes classes by Gordon Ramsay, Chris Voss, and Neil Gaiman, praised for content and teaching style.

The most watched Masterclass is not specified due to lack of public viewership data, but popular classes include those by Gordon Ramsay, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Malcolm Gladwell.

Yes, Masterclass courses are worth it if your learning goals align with gaining insights from experts across various fields, as they offer a unique and engaging learning experience that most users find valuable.

Udemy offers a wider range of courses by various instructors, while MasterClass focuses on exclusive lessons from industry experts for a more inspirational learning approach.

Coursera is better for a broader range of accredited courses with certification, while MasterClass focuses on exclusive lessons from industry experts.

The best MasterClass courses for writing include Malcolm Gladwell’s class, known for his expertise and engaging teaching style, and Neil Gaiman’s class.

The best photography MasterClass is Annie Leibovitz’s course. She is a professional photographer with over 50 years of experience, and her class is ideal for anyone looking to expand their creative vision, learn adventure photography, and capture compelling portraits.

Final Thoughts

The best MasterClass classes offer a unique blend of expertise and learning tailored to find inspiration across various disciplines.

Whether you aspire to sharpen your culinary skills, negotiate like a pro, or explore the art of storytelling, MasterClass provides exclusive access to the wisdom of world-renowned experts. 

The platform’s engaging content, high production quality, and diverse range of topics make it a valuable resource for those seeking not only knowledge but also fresh perspectives on their chosen fields. 

While individual preferences may vary, the carefully curated selection of MasterClass classes caters to a wide audience, making MasterClass a compelling choice for lifelong learners and enthusiasts.

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