Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass Review (2024 Updated)

Last Updated on July, 2024

In the words of the man that wrote The Social Network, “I feel like the better version of myself is on paper… I’d rather have people know me on paper.”

The MasterClass by Aaron Sorkin is an ALL-ACCESS PASS into the ways of one of the GREATEST screenwriters of this Century!

This Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Review will tell you whether this course is worth the subscription to MasterClass!

You can TRUST this review to not only tell you whether this MasterClass is recommended, but also provide you with a SNEAK PEAK into the MasterClass through the words of this writer. 

 Overall: 4.9/5
Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass front page
Program Effectiveness
Brand Reputation
  • Live Workshop: Real-time script critiques
  • Writing Habits: Overcoming writer’s block
  • Dialogue Writing: Crafting authentic conversations.
  • Insights into working with directors, actors, and other writers
  • Advice on pitching, working with agents, and understanding the business side of screenwriting.
  • Sorkin critiques scripts submitted by students, providing real-time feedback.
Brand Information
  • MasterClass was founded in 2015 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen
  • Based in San Francisco, California
  • Has a global reach, with students from over 100 countries
  • All-access subscription costs $180 per year
  • Offers interactive assignments and access to a community of learners
  • MasterClass offers over 100 courses
Product Benefits
  • Dive into a MasterClass led by one of the 21st Century’s most acclaimed screenwriters.
  • A highlight includes detailed case studies and a deep dive into crafting compelling dialogue.
  • Accompanied by a workbook, the course offers hands-on exercises designed to refine your writing prowess.
  • Gain invaluable access to the screenplays of “A Few Good Men” and “The Social Network” – essential resources for your study.

What is the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Course?

Aaron Sorkin MasterClass

The Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Course is one of the BEST online courses for those looking to master the craft of storytelling.

Though this article is not intended to be a MOVIE script, allow me to try to implement and express EVERYTHING I learned while reviewing this MasterClass.

MasterClass is an online community through which you can access this Aaron Sorkin MasterClass, including 180+ other online courses to help you MASTER various skills. 

The Aaron Sorkin MasterClass is GEARED for writers looking to take screenwriting more seriously!

Apart from MASTERING the ART of writing screenplays, Aaron Sorkin is well known for his work in the movie, The Social Network. As the writer behind The Social Network Screenplay, Aaron Sorkin elaborates on his career and his working process.

If you didn’t know, Aaron Sorkin also won an Academy Award (Best Adapted Screenplay) for his work in the film The Social Network.

Apart from talking in depth about The Social Network screenplay, Aaron Sorkin shares many secrets on story ideas and story idea formation. 

In his first words of this MasterClass, Aaron Sorkin expresses how he better formulates thoughts and words through written literature than spoken form.

That said, Aaron Sorkin does a great job at moving the MasterClass as if you would move a story forward; explaining the importance of story arcs in the Film Story Arc segment of this online MasterClass!

If you are a writer looking to write a piece of fiction or a story exploring story ideas, then this MASTERCLASS is an EYE opener!

What’s Included in the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass (Online Course)?

Apart from helping you master the art of writing captivating dialogue, this MasterClass will help you better master your writing PROCESS!

This MasterClass will provide insider tricks to developing characters and good writing habits. We all know that developing characters for a story can be difficult at times.

In this MasterClass, Aaron Sorkin does an excellent job defining the best means to explore character development. 

Aaron Sorkin’s class will help you understand the writing process behind writing scenes in films such as West Wing.

The MasterClass includes 35 videos and comes with a 33-page class workbook. This class workbook contains exercises that are designed to help foster the craft of screenwriting through Aaron’s unique perspective.

Not only will YOU learn the ins and outs of storytelling, but you will also develop the skills to craft and PITCH your next script.

Further, the screenplays for A Few Good Men and The Social Network also come with this MASTERCLASS!

If you want to write the NEXT BIG SCREENPLAY, access to these scripts could be a GAME CHANGER!

Aaron Sorkin MasterClass lessons

 A “Continuity and Spotting List” for Steve Jobs the FILM!

The course also includes a segment that is considered a group workshop. Aaron Sorkin sits with his students in a group workshop in the segment, The West Wing Writer’s Room, which is an interesting aspect that brings you closer to FILM school.

When considering MasterClass courses, you really want to understand the value of the added perks. These added resources that this MasterClass comes with would help you STUDY the ART of writing captivating dialogue, making writing scenes a walk in the park!

Aaron covers a wide area of focus with regard to writing non-fiction. In comparison to other writing courses, this one is SPECIAL due to the obvious FAME and RECOGNITION of actual writing, woven by Aaron Sorkin. 

Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass front page
Aaron Sorkin MasterClass
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Who is Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass Most Suited for?

Suppose you want to write action scenes; MASTER the art of writing dialogue.

In that case, this writing MasterClass will help you begin writing and improve the rewriting process to write dialogue and write drama, as The West Wing Writers Room writes dialogue, which other writers can use as examples and STAND upon!

If you want to IMPROVE your writing habits, the segment on The West Wing Writers Room of this MasterClass will bravely help you MASTER the ART of writing GREAT dialogue!

In a series of EIGHT amazing lessons, Aaron Sorkin sits with his screenwriting students and plans to “break” episode one of the fifth season of The West Wing.

Now if you don’t understand what breaking means, here is what it means. 

Breaking a script means figuring out the beginning, middle, and end of the entire story in your head. We all break movies when we watch them… 

If you are a writer, either writing fiction or looking to write a novel and improve your writing, then this MASTERCLASS is most certainly FOR YOU!

It is for anyone who is looking to LEARN how to write. Hence, it is for both writers and aspiring writers.

For instance, this MasterClass will TEACH you how to JUSTIFY improbable events in your stories. These tips and tricks can be very VALUABLE to writers looking to write snappy dialogue and understand the ART of writing in GREAT detail!

Do you want to LEARN to WRITE an Oscar Winning Script? This MasterClass intends to TEACH you Master that!

How Much Does Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass Cost?

Aaron Sorkin intro lesson screenshot

This is to attend a class conducted by the writer of Steve Jobs, A Few Good Men, West Wing, BIG NAMES!

Hence, you would probably be expecting this to be EXPENSIVE. However, in actuality, this MasterClass is accessible through MasterClass along with 180+ other MasterClasses through a subscription.

Plans for subscription to MasterClass start at only $10 per month, for 1 account on 1 device.

If you need more devices or are expecting the account to be accessed by more people, there are upgrades available a $15 and $20 a month, which gives access to more devices. 

What is GREAT is that you get access to 180+ other ONLINE COURSES, such as big names like Annie Leibovitz teaching the Art of Photography. You will even find a MasterClass by Christina Aguilera.

Hence, the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass could not be more affordable and ACCESSIBLE!

For instance, in Chapter 19 – Scene Case Study: Steve Jobs – Aaron Sorkin will take YOU on a deep dive into the first-act scene between Steve Jobs and Andy Hertzfeld.

This is a scene when Hertzfeld tells Steve Jobs that the voice demo for the 1984 launch demo of the Macintosh has a 1 in 6 chance of working. 

Through the analysis of this scene, YOU will learn WHAT the intention and obstacles are to get a better understanding of why the scene works. This will help you differentiate one scene from another, helping you better understand how to write a BETTER scene!

Don’t forget the downloadable workbook, which is a VALUABLE resource that other classes do not offer!

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass?

These video lessons compose of 35 videos. This MasterClass is actually an in-depth study with video lessons providing an in-depth understanding of Aaron Sorkin’s writing process.

All the lessons are in digestible sizes. In actuality, you can watch this MasterClass at your own pace.

Some people prefer learning at a slower pace, while others can absorb content much faster. 

These 35 lessons will take 8 HOURS and 1 MINUTE!

Hence, you can watch this WHOLE MasterClass in one day, which is possible, or take it slow with one or two segments daily.

Each video ranges between 5 and 20 minutes. 

This MasterClass gives you reasonable control over the pace at which you want to learn.

Duration Takes to Complete the Aaron Sorkin lessons

Through the lessons, Aaron shows you what it takes to write and develop an Oscar Winning script. 

The MasterClass team does a GREAT job of providing access to insider tricks and tips, which can be VERY valuable for people in various traits of life.

Details on the Structure of the Class

The Aaron Sorkin MasterClass contains 35 lessons. They are structured as follows. 

  • Introduction
  • Intention & Obstacle
  • Story Ideas
  • Developing Characters: Part 1
  • Developing Characters: Part 2
  • Research
  • Incorporating Research
  • The Audience
  • Rules of Story
  • Film Story Arc
  • Writing Habits
  • Group Workshop: Untitled by JJ Braider
  • Group Workshop: E is for Edie by Jeanie Bergen
  • Group Workshop: Chronic by Roland Zaleski
  • Group Workshop: The Merc by Evelyn Yves
  • Group Workshop: From Here to Alli by Corey Wright
  • Writing Scenes: Part 1
  • Writing Scenes: Part 2
  • Scene Case Study: Steve Jobs
  • Scene Case Study: The West Wing
  • Writing Captivating Dialogue
  • Dialogue Case Study: The West Wing
  • Rewrites: First Draft
  • Rewrites: Notes
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 1
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 2
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 3
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 4
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 5
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 6
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 7
  • The West Wing Writers’ Room: Part 8
  • Group Workshop: Pitch Session
  • Group Workshop: Aaron Pitches Mission to Mars
  • Closing Thoughts

The structure of this Masterclass allows you to focus on AWARD-WINNING scripts such as A Few Good Men. 

The course entails practical advice, an all-access pass as Aaron shares the formula behind an AWARD-WINNING script.

There is a FOCUS on the ART of screenwriting, with the West Wing episode in which Aaron addresses his students’ perspectives to help you better clarify YOUR viewpoint of what is considered good writing. 

The course structure covers all grounds from idea formation to the final pitch. The Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass is designed to help you start writing your SCRIPT.

Other MasterClass reviews:

Is the Content in Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass Unique?

Aaron Sorkin's lesson 2 screenshot

Only one Aaron Sorkin is known to have written all those AMAZING movies that we all enjoyed!

Hence, obvious to state, this MASTERCLASS is 100% UNIQUE!

You WILL NOT find another MasterClass conducted by Aaron Sorkin, nor will you find any other online course to be as VALUABLE and USEFUL as this for a writer looking to develop a script.

This MasterClass is a UNIQUE opportunity to LEARN from someone who has accomplished much in the MOVIE industry as a writer.

Hence, for any writer looking to write for the BIG SCREEN, this MasterClass is an ESSENTIAL!

Aaron Sorkin does a great job of providing a unique perspective on writing. Through this, MasterClass has articulated the formation of a Masterpiece, which teaches you the fine art of script writing. 

Hence, regardless of whether you are in film school, are looking to go to film school, or are a writer or a general enthusiast, this UNIQUE opportunity allows you to LEARN from a professional screenwriter who has accomplished much in his legacy as a writer.

Key Things I Learned After Taking the MasterClass

As a writer, attending this MasterClass was a complete DELIGHT! Aaron Sorkin does a great job at identifying the points of interest when developing interesting characters for non-fiction.

Apart from TEACHING the craft of producing captivating dialogue in written form, the MasterClass elaborated on research elements of film and drama that I was familiar with as a writer. 

Understanding the audience is very important when trying to portray a specific message. 

The MasterClass also focuses on helping one gather the means to better under the audience and create compelling story arcs.

You will MASTER STRONG writing habits, which will help you write and link scenes together. Not just that, the MasterClass also offered some great TIPS on rewrites and edits and how to APPROACH them. 

In actuality, any writer that writes fiction or non-fiction often has to tend to the task of the editor; hence this MasterClass in actuality helped me become a BETTER EDITOR!

This MasterClass offered so many great tips and tricks, and the workbook and scripts that this MasterClass comes with have proven to become a VALUABLE resource as a writer looking to expand further into books and movies. 

Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass front page
Aaron Sorkin MasterClass
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Aaron Sorkin MasterClass: Pros & Cons Analysis

This MasterClass came with a BEAUTIFUL set of pros that had to be HIGHLIGHTED!


First and foremost, this MasterClass gives YOU the opportunity to LEARN from one of the MOST proclaimed screenwriters of the 21st Century!
If you have never taken a course in film or drama or have never attended ART school, this MASTERCLASS does a GREAT job at helping you better understand the rules of drama.
One of the BIGGEST pros was the case studies and the in-depth focus on writing GREAT dialogue.
The workbook that this MasterClass comes with is intended to TEACH you everything through exercises that will help you BETTER improve your writing skills.
The access to screenplays for A Few Good Men and The Social Network is a complete WIN when it comes to having access to everything you will NEED for the study!


The only downside is that the workshop segment can be a little long, and the MasterClass is a LONG course. 

However, if you are going to learn EVERYTHING, you would have to expect the course to be COMPREHENSIVE, which this course is. In actuality, the comprehensiveness and detail of this course is a BIG PRO, which negates the only con. 

To learn more about the MasterClass platform, checkout our comprehensive MasterClass experience here!

Things I Liked and Didn’t Like About the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass

Aaron Sorkin Masterclass lesson 6 screenshot

First, I LOVED that Aaron Sorkin took time at the very onset of the MasterClass to pardon himself for his articulation with spoken word. His FRANK honesty painted him as a GREAT teacher, someone who is honest about their capabilities.

Aaron made it evident from the very onset that he articulates ideas better in written form when left in a quiet corner. That itself instilled faith in me that he was the right person to help me Master the ART of writing non-fiction as a writer.

I loved how he explained drama and broke down dialogue to better explain word to word the importance of certain elements within the script. 

The focus and detail of this MasterClass were something I found to be EXTREMELY admirable. 

It teaches everything from idea formation to pitch, making it a well-rounded course that will provide EXPERT Direction and GUIDANCE!

The only thing that I didn’t like about this MasterClass was the inability to have my work accessed eventually by Aaron Sorkin. But then again, that would be hoping for too much! 

Overall, I found this MasterClass to be an EXCELLENT online resource that can become VERY valuable in the hands of someone passionate enough to spread their wings and fly!

Other Customer Testimonials

If you look through the internet for testimonials of the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass, you will notice repeated patterns. 

You will find numerous testimonials claiming the MasterClass to be too long, with the length being an issue for some people. 

aaron sorkin masterclass customer review 1

However, what was worth noticing were the lovely comments left by sincere writers who found the MasterClass to be one of the most VALUABLE resources they have EVER come across!

You will find MANY MANY testimonials left by people thanking Aaron Sorkin for conducting and making available this MasterClass, which is a ONE-OF-A-KIND means to Master the means of writing a script that could make you say, “Let’s go… COME ON!

aaron sorkin masterclass customer review 2

So in actuality, though a few people complained about the length of the course, the more significant majority of the audience really resonated with this MasterClass.

Is the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Worth the Money?

Now, MasterClass provides you access to 180+ courses, and the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass alone was well worth the subscription to the service. 

At only $10 monthly to subscribe to MasterClass, EVERYTHING attained from this Aaron Sorkin MasterClass is worth a WHOLE LOT MORE!

The lessons, tips, and tricks from an industry expert will go a long way in helping you fine-tune your writing process to produce written scripts that GET the JOB DONE!

So regardless of whether you are writing a play, a book, a movie script, or a YOUTUBE video, this MASTERCLASS could teach you a GREAT deal about PERFECTING your writing!

With the cost of a subscription, not only did I get access to this MasterClass by Aaron Sorkin, but it also gave me access to 180+ online courses by various WELL recognized people!

Is the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Recommended?

Aaron Sorkin's lesson 9 screenshot

If you want to expand scope as a writer and write non-fiction, then this MasterClass could be a very valuable asset. 

What you can learn from the MasterClass, you will not be able to LEARN anywhere else. 

This MasterClass allows you to LEARN to write beautiful dialogue, help you develop a script, and even gives advice on how to pitch.

So, if you are serious about FILM and want to get your toes wet, this MasterClass by Aaron Sorkin is a GREAT place to start.

ScoreBeyond is KNOWN to ONLY recommend courses that are considered worth your time. I would not recommend the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass if I didn’t think this MasterClass was valuable. 

Considering EVERYTHING that you have at your disposal to LEARN the ART of screenwriting, the workbook, the video lessons, the scripts, I have to say, the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass is a HIGLY RECOMMENDED MasterClass for anyone looking to expand as a writer. 

Final Thoughts

The Aaron Sorkin MasterClass is a one-of-a-kind online course that will teach you screenwriting in the comfort of your home. 

Not only do you learn from an industry EXPERT, but the MasterClass subscription also comes with 180+ courses through which you can learn from various other experts across industries. 

The Aaron Sorkin MasterClass is a very useful and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MasterClass that can become a VALUABLE asset for writers and aspiring writers!


Yes, the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass is an ideal tool for beginner writers to learn the basics of screenwriting and develop their skills.

The Aaron Sorkin Masterclass covers topics such as writing engaging dialogue, creating and understanding intent and obstacle dynamics, and developing in-depth research strategies.

The cost of the Aaron Sorkin MasterClass on MasterClass is $120, with an option to pay $10/month when billed annually.

Aaron Sorkin MasterClass
Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass front page
Brand Reputation




Overall Score


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Dive into a MasterClass led by one of the 21st Century’s most acclaimed screenwriters.
Perfect for beginners, this course demystifies the rules of drama, even if you’ve never studied film or attended art school.
A highlight includes detailed case studies and a deep dive into crafting compelling dialogue.
Accompanied by a workbook, the course offers hands-on exercises designed to refine your writing prowess.
Gain invaluable access to the screenplays of “A Few Good Men” and “The Social Network” – essential resources for your study.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The only downside is that the workshop segment can be a little long, and the MasterClass is a LONG course.

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