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ScoreBeyond is the innovative company behind the world’s #1 test prep and private tutoring technology that helps students (and parents) reach their desired score in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. ScoreBeyond delivers a customized learning experience every step of the way, regardless of your location or schedule, ensuring you reach your goals — guaranteed.

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Scorebeyond Executive Board (Team)

Carlos Eduardo

Carlos Eduardo

Founder and Main Author

Carlos Eduardo is the visionary founder behind Scorebeyond, reshaping education through innovative e-learning. With a passion for accessible learning, he created a platform offering diverse courses and personalized experiences. Carlos champions a world where technology-driven education knows no limits, inspiring learners globally. His legacy fuels the journey towards a knowledge-powered future.

Emrecan Dogan's Vector Image

Emrecan Dogan

Old Founder of Scorebeyond

After graduating from Stanford Business School, Emrecan worked as a product manager on the Kindle team at Amazon, where he helped revolutionize reading by making the transition from paper to an electronic device easy and seamless. Emrecan brings his passion for education and user experience to product management at Score Beyond, resulting in a hyper focus on building an unrivaled customer experience.

Emre Kazdagli

Co-CTO & Co-Founder

Emre has a an MS in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and currently leads the development of ScoreBeyond’s Learning Platform​. Emre designed our famously accurate scoring algorithm, which is able to predict scores within 50 points of what students get on the real SAT, and is the engineer who made Emrecan’s dream of “Personalized Workouts”​ and “Adaptive Learning”​ a reality.

Emre likes to sail in his spare time and is the designated chef for the ScoreBeyond team.

Stephen Hitchner

Software Architect

Stephen became fascinated with test prep after a frustrating experience cramming for the GMAT. A former Amazon employee, he is obsessed with customer experience. At Score Beyond, Stephen trains his considerable technical ability towards building an education platform to empower students and teachers for higher learning. Outside of work, Stephen likes to tinker with his massive LEGO collection, watch Netflix and make chocolate.

Aykut Karaalioglu

User Acquisition

Aykut is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for mobile development and viral growth. Before coming to Scorebeyond, he co-founded several companies, including the mobile shopping app, Shoppie. Aykut is Score Beyond’s resident growth hacker: he manages online marketing, social media and other growth channels. His hobbies include hacking, drinking coffee, blogging, and giving speeches.

Chen Lin

Partnerships and Content

In high school, Chen exchanged a social life for 99th percentile scores on both the SAT and GRE. After getting his bachelor’s, he started his own tutoring practice, helping over a hundred students prepare for standardized exams and gain admission into top universities. Besides being sadly obsessed with doing LSAT tests for fun, Chen leverages his test prep experience at Score Beyond to acquire and curate content, ensuring relevance and quality.

Özgür Taylan Gültekin

User Interface & Experience

Özgür is a graphic designer, specializing in modern, usable, and accessible creations to make the world a better place, visually. He’s providing memorable user experience by interaction and interface design, logomark executions, pixel perfect retina interfaces, and eye candy icons.

Olcay Ay

Software Engineer

Olcay is an expert in mobile technology, specifically Android-related development. Olcay’s belief in mobile technologies, startups and mobile learning led him to join the ScoreBeyond team where he now leads the ScoreBeyond Turkey office while coding the SAT Up Android application.

Olcay is active in the Turkish mobile development community as a former co-organizer of Google Developer Group Ankara and co-organizer of Mobile Monday Ankara. Olcay is married with a four-years-old daughter, Ezgi. When he is not playing with Ezgi, he can be found organizing a meet-up, hackathon or coding a mobile application.

Busra Arici

Senior Test Advisor

Ella had a bicultural education going to school when she was young in both Turkey and the US. This experience gave her the unique perspective on testing in both countries and the pressures that students across the world experience. Since joining ScoreBeyond, she has committed herself to ensuring that the students she works with find the support and testing plan that helps them meet their unique goals and gives them the most positive experience possible.

Ella received her Project Management certificate from UC Berkeley. She has a BA in Business Administration & International Business from Johnson & Wales University. In her spare time she enjoys reading and hiking.

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