Proven Results

A Proven Track Record of Success

ScoreBeyond achieves maximum results for students in the most efficient and affordable way possible thanks to our technologically advanced test prep platform and integrated tutoring.

On average, our private tutoring customers have experienced score improvements of 230 points (new SAT) and 4 points (ACT). The average investment has been 16 hours of tutoring for $995.

“I scored 2310 on the SAT, 99th percentile, far surpassing my goals. Everything was very efficient and personalized, as tutoring focused only on my needs and the app gave me great, specific feedback when I practiced on my own. It all was also more flexible, affordable, and effective than the standard test prep options available. I will be forever grateful for the help that they have provided me.”

– Svyatoslav K., Student, Philadelphia, PA

SAT Score

Lynn D.

Parent, Apopka, FL

“He has shown tremendous growth in his confidence in the usage of his reading and math strategies on all academic levels including classwork, final exams, SAT and ACT. For the first time he has been able to not only complete his test in the time allotted also he actually has time left over to go back and recheck his answers!”

Mary W.

Parent, New York, NY

“After 12 hours of tutoring with Marty, my daughter’s score jumped from a 28 to a 33 on the ACT. I am extremely pleased with the ease of use, computer-based personalized question bank and the results of ScoreBeyond’s flexible private tutoring model.”

Sarah B.

Parent, Santa Ana, CA

“Joe definitely is gaining more confidence through this process and I know he really likes the results-oriented style it offers. In fact, I’ve already told several parents about the program! Joe manages this all on his own time, which is awesome.”

Marlin K.

Student, Wayne, NJ

“Your tutoring services were great. I loved my tutor, James, and everything he did for me. He even spent extra time for my lessons. He targeted my strengths and weaknesses. Using that, we were able to increase my overall score in just under 2 weeks.”

Kira G.

Student, Monroe, NC

“My overall experience was great. I’ve come to a better understanding of the material. My tutors Ashley and Gianni were very nice and smart. My SAT grade increased by over 200 points.”

Ticsha R.

Student, Nassau, Bahamas

“I have gotten more understanding of topics that were covered during my five sessions. The test went well because I understood more than I did from my first seating. There were many methods that were given to me so that I can have better time management. These sessions did make a difference.”

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